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Does anyone want to play Failed Cunard/White Star Line Ships? It’s a dumb game but there doesn’t seem to be much else going on here. (Please see details)

Asked by lillycoyote (24793points) May 10th, 2014

Like the Titanic. It was White Star Line ship … but these ships will be fictional.

Please provide:

1. The name of the ship
2. The defining characteristic of, or a description of the ship
3. Why the ship was a failure

Name: The Bulemic

Characteristic/Description: This was Cunard’s one foray into niche marketing; in trying to serve a particular demographic

Reason for failure: Both the kitchen staff and the ship’s plumbing were overwhelmed by the monumental amount of binging and purging that the passengers engaged in on the ships maiden voyage.

Name: The Mimic and her sister ship, The Cryptic.

Characteristic/Description: Built after the sinking of Cunard’s Lusitania by a German U-boat in 1907, both ships were painted with a revolutionary type of cloaking coating to prevent another such disaster

Reason for failure: Both the Mimic and the Cryptic were lost at sea on their maiden voyages. The Mimic blended into the ocean so well that they lost track of it for months and when they finally located it the rescue ship collided with it and both ships were lost. What happened to the Cryptic remains a mystery to this day

I told you it was a dumb game.

Bonus points for anyone who comes up with a -tania, like the Lusitania, Mauritania, Aquatania, etc.

Anyone want to play?

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Name: The Boreas

Characteristic/Description: Named after the Greek god of the Arctic wind this ship was built of ice. The ship’s designers reasoning that an iceberg wouldn’t dare assault other ice.

Reason for failure: Melted during an ill advised Caribbean cruise.

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LOL Excellent @Darth_Algar Thanks for playing.

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Defining characteristic: The first ship to be produced with a hull built of titanium plates, to withstand any probable collision at sea.

Reason for failure: Too expensive to produce. After the keel was laid, the shipyard ran out of money and sold the barely-started hulk to aircraft producers.

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Very good @CWOTUS The Magnetic was never finished either. That one had all sorts of problems during construction.

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Not what I think is a true Fluther question, but why not?

Name: US Boobonic

Defining Characteristic: The ship sports a full plastic surgery clinic specializing in breast augmentations.

Reason for failure: The women crew were all given free boob jobs and the Captain got too distracted over the female crew on the bridge and failed to note a difficult passage into port off the Cook Islands and ran into a coral reef.

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SS Optimism, lost with all hands on its maiden voyage within sight of its port of embarkation after being rammed by the garbage scow “Reality”.

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Name: The Amnesic.

Defining characteristic: Featureless and bland the Amnesic was instantly forgettable.

Reason for failure: Launched by Lady O’Blivion sometime last century or maybe the century before the Amnesic disappeared over the horizon on its maiden voyage and was forgotten. The crowd who had gathered to view the launch wondered why they were there and went home.

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