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What should I do about this ingrown hair on my tummy?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5663points) May 10th, 2014

Ever since I’ve been an adolescent, I’ve been plagued by some gnarly black hairs on my lower abdomen. When I was about 18, I got the bright idea to shave them, which only made matters worse and caused ingrowns, redness, and horrible irritation. Plucking the hairs also resulted in even more ingrowns and scarring from digging around trying to free the little barb-like hairs that got caught under my skin.

Now, I’ve been going through laser hair removal and my lower abdomen is almost looking normal. Most of the hair follicles are ‘empty’ and the skin is looking much better. I know it’s going to continue to improve as I go through the treatments but this one ingrown hair I’ve had for about a year continues to annoy me.

It’s not infected or inflamed, it’s just a single strand of longish, black hair that I can see growing along right under the skin’s surface. If I really wanted to, I could probably dig it out with a needle but I don’t want to touch it and know better than to go picking my skin now. Could this eventually come out on its own? I’ve been exfoliating several times a week to bring it closer to the surface but I’m hoping it’s not all for nothing. Do I need to see a dermatologist to get it out for good? Anything that doesn’t leave a scar would be best.

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