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How can I improve the quality of my voice?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2141points) May 10th, 2014

I do not suffer from throat ailment or anything but my voice is not great. The intonations are not clearly noticeable. What can I do ?
By the way, my pronunciation is nice and clear but the impact of that is not very impressive. Also, mention some good web resources for improving English.

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If you want to do this on your own, you may want to investigate lessons geared toward singing voices. The exercises one uses for strengthening the singing voice will also develop the diaphragm and laryngeal muscles to improve control and projection of one’s speaking voice. I am often complimented on my speaking voice, and the follow-up question is commonly, “Do you sing?” Similarly, I’ve noticed that many of the people who speak well are all singers. I did sing from preschool age in church choirs and through school in choruses and a capella groups. My Bachelor’s degree is in Speech Therapy, and my Master’s is in Audiology, so I’ve spoken to numerous hearing impaired people on a daily basis as my vocation for the past 20+ years.

Some yoga practices work on breathing and some of those exercises employ vocalization, which might also be helpful. I’ve taken yoga classes but never studied the terminology to advise you which forms of yoga do that, but I sure that can easily be searched on the web.

I am not a good resource for English improvement. It was always one of my least favorite subjects, and I never did well with my attempts to learn other languages, either. Most people develop a sense of language from exposure (and immersion is even better), so reading and listening to examples of what you’d like to improve are the first step. Could you expand on that request a bit more? What is your native language? Which variant of English are you hoping to improve? British and American English are quite different, and some websites and computer programs have separate British and American versions.

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I’ll address your questions from the PM in the thread.

My speaking voice is mid-range, and I can drop it pretty low for a female. I can make it fairly high, too, as I like to imitate other people’s voices. You might want to try doing that some, as it can help increase your awareness of nasality and throatiness, and breathiness to clearly projected. The only time my voice gets shrill is when I’m upset enough that I yell… which doesn’t happen anymore.

Keep in mind that we always sound differently to ourselves than we do to others, because of how the voice resonates in our heads. Try recording yourself while you’re chatting on the phone with someone and then playing it back.

You didn’t answer the questions I asked about your desire to improve your English. Even though I personally can not offer much help in that regard, I asked so that others who see the thread might provide some input if you added more detail.

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Anything to strengthen your lungs and diaphragm would help I think. And speaking from the diaphragm. Have you ever tried overhead lifts with weights? Lying on your back press the weight straight up and then with your arms straight let it slowly down over your head and then lift it back to straight up. Does wonders for the lung capacity.

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