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Have you seen any Character similar as Wall E 'Eva' anywhere?

Asked by rezaulhasanva (9points) May 11th, 2014

Have you seen any Character similar as Wall E ‘Eva’ anywhere?

I am searching for a Character similar body shape as Wall E ‘Eva’. Please let me know if you have seen such character before in any cartoon/movies/comis/ anywhere…

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Yes, I know of one:

Herbie of the Fantastic Four.

Similar body shape and color with little lights for eyes. Herbie is a robot that serves the Fantastic Four.

Also, compare: (Picture of EVE from Wall-E)

and (Picture of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman’s son and Herbie)

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Wall E himself looked quite a bit like Number 5 from Short Circuit.

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R2D2 as a prototype for Eva also comes to mind. She’s much more sleek and modernistic, but genetically there’s something about the whiteness, the domed head and blinking lights for eyes.

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