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If I marry the same sex person I married last time would that be same sex marriage?

Asked by majorrich (14634points) May 11th, 2014

Wife unit and I were debating. Suppose something happened and she died or something awful like that. I marry another female, which is the same sex I married the first time. Is that not same sex marriage? I believe so, but maybe a different way of looking at the same phrase. She’s mad at me now and won’t discuss it any further.

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Only if you marry some one who is the same sex as you is it “same sex marriage.”

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Yes, in the same way that someone born in Milwaukee of German parents is Native American or Charlize Theron is African-American.

It’s technically true as a word game. I have no problem with that.

But if it’s done to belittle other peoples’ rightful claims of unfair and unlawful discrimination it’s hateful.

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Sure it is.

If a man and wife reside in one of them red states, and let’s say the woman dies, then Bubba has to marry a man the next time. If only Irony was the bogus being that they feared. ;-)

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Hahahaha…I like this twist. Yes, it would be, from an out of the box perspective but, true “same sex”, means the same sex as you are.

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I would be mad at you and refuse to entertain you any further as well.

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Ugh. Man, your wife must be a saint!

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I don’t think your wife is mad because you don’t understand what same sex marriage is. I think she’s mad at you because you’re imagining what you might get up to after she dies.

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I have to admit my wife is indeed a Saint. It would be nearly impossible to replace her with a newer model. Besides at my age, too old to train another one. She says about the same thing about me being housebroken.

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