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If your country were invaded would you willingly join the army?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14644points) May 11th, 2014

As asked.

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No, no, no, no. And I would be extremely upset if my country mandated a required draft, too.

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Yes, of course. Not to defend my country nor any other silly nonsense. I would do so to defend my family, home and those near and dear to me.

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If I were younger, without a doubt. As it is, I doubt they would take me.

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I’m too old to be drafted. To protect my family, friends, and home I can assure you my road would become be a very dangerous place for invaders. Very dangerous, indeed.

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I would protect mine and my own.

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Maybe. My father did because someone invaded another country. I imagine having my own country invaded would be an even greater motivation.

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Shoot yes!

I have always felt guilty about avoiding the draft during the Viet Nam War by maintaining at least a B average in college (also my draft lottery number was pretty high at 135). How guilty did I feel? Immediately after got my BA I enlisted into the US Army and got a full retirement after just 18 years. Now I see the flag-draped coffins and the troops returning from recent wars all shot-up and mangled and again I feel so guilty. I never went overseas or has a single bullet fired at me.

Also My Uncle Bill was a WWII War hero who died in a B24 Liberator and received the Distinguished Service Cross.

Others have given so much and all I’ve ever done is take, take and take.

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I would join the resistance. Work with men like Max Manus. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should.

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I think so. I’m not patriotic at all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t value being able to live freely. Thing is I’m not cut out to be a soldier, but I’m pretty sure there’s tons of other things you can do in the army to help out. I mean, I don’t want to get invaded. Who does?
But that’s it. I’d never join the army if it was to invade someone else, no matter how much I might be told it needs to get done.

If that did happen though, I’d draw viking horns on my military helmet. And stick feathers on it. Then I’d be like, fuuuuck you guuuyyyyys ’‘charge’’

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Depends on the country. If China invaded I would Google how to make a IED before they had a chance to shut the Internet off. If Finland wanted to come and take over I would roll out the red carpet.

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Bring it on ya bolshie bastards!!
Unless it was the Belgian army, then i’d point & laugh, tossing chocolates at their soft, bewildered heads.

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No, not in a million years.

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If I was young enough, which I’m not….......

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@ucme You could do worse than have Belgians invade. They successfully lived in their country without a formal government for 589 days with no bloody revolution. giggle

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@cazzie That’s because they had no idea what else to do chuckle

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Would I pick up a weapon to defend my family and neighbors? Of course.

If we were invaded, would it even be possible to join the army? To find an open enlistment office, then get on an airplane to go to boot camp, if a boot camp installation still existed. All the while, the enemy is running around disrupting normal daily activities.

Or would joining up with the local militia, National Guard, or Reserves as grunt labor be more realistic?

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Yes. I may not agree with the way things are going in the US, but contending with a foreign government takeover would complicate things interminably by removing our self determination. We, of all people, know this because our government has attempted this many times—as we did in the OP’s own country, Vietnam. I’m 61, but I’d find a way to assist my countrymen. I’d hope they’d use me as a medic because of my background, and like combat medics, I would hope they would issue me a sidearm.

Any disagreements we Americans have among ourselves—no matter how far left or right the contenders may be—is a family fight, and anyone else sticking their nose in it will get it chopped off regardless of their ideology.

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It depends.

What does it depend on?

1) how bad the US government was and if it was so horrible that it needed to be re-set? (Sort of like Mubarak in Egypt – he needed to be removed)

2) Who is the invading power? What do they offer? What problems will they solve?

it is not easy to give you a blanket answer to the question – it is MUCH more complicated, with many more factors, than a simple “yes” or “no”.

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@gondwanalon I have always felt guilty about avoiding the draft during the Viet Nam War by maintaining at least a B average in college

I think you made a right decision not to join the force in the Vietnam war :p

@elbanditoroso Just imagine the US government was still as it is, then suddenly another country tried to invade it. And what they offered or solved, still in the mist, or possibly none.
It’s just an imaginary scenario.

@johnpowell If China invaded…
Ha! That’s exactly the one making me paranoid lately and the direct inspiration of this question. I was about to mention it when you came :p

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Be scary if the swiss army invaded, with those multi tool pocket knives as standard issue weapons…shivers

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Agree with @elbanditoroso

@ucme Might have a chance even with those fancy knives. If they lose an edge it is next to impossible to get a decent one back AND all you need to do is leave corked wine bottles everywhere and they would be required to stop and open each one with their tiny little corkscrew.

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I thought that was a defense against the French

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Not if the invading country was Vietnam- it’s about time that we had a Mafiosa president! ;-p

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