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What's the name of this old PC game, and where can I get it? ("Inside" maybe?)

Asked by KevinJr42 (2points) July 3rd, 2008

I don’t remember too much about it, here are some random details I do remember… You play as a group of 5 kids who explore a dungeon or cave, only one active at a time. There are enemies, you can get knocked out by them, and you just rest to regain health. If the active character is knocked out, the screen turns black. You move by whole tiles(?). I had to set the compatibility mode for the game on Windows XP to 256 color.

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Looks similar, but that’s not it. Thanks, though!

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Golden Axe

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That’s not it either… But thanks!

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Dungeons and Dragons: Eye of the beholder this was a game very similar to what you are talking about. You created and ‘rolled’ your characters then you went into the dungeon.

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