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Are there any plants that flower in the winter?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34608points) May 12th, 2014

I am looking for indoor or outdoor plants that flower and bloom during the shortest days of the year. They should grow somewhere in the latitudes from N 25 degrees or higher and S 25 degrees and below. That includes the continental US and much of Europe, the Middle East, Southern South America, Africa, and Australia – pretty much anywhere other than the tropics. They can be annuals or perennials.

Surely there has to be a few but I can’t find them. I can find plants that bloom at night, or in the morning but that is not what I seek.
Does anyone have any ideas?

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Christmas cactus is one that comes to mind immediately. What you have to know is if it’s a long day flowering plant or a long night flowering plant and give it the right photoclimate.

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I have a potted hibiscus that blooms year round. It spends summers buried in the front yard and winters in the spare bedroom.

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There’s the Christmas flowering poinsettia
Also Winter jasmine

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Or have you ever forced bulbs? That’s pretty cool.

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Here is a view of the geraniums that I winter over (they need a short rest period but have been blooming happily inside for several months) and the Barbados amaryllis (bulbs courtesy of my great-grandfather. It is much nicer and much less flashy and blowsy than the usual stuff you get from WhiteFlowerFarms or Harry & David’s at Christmas time.


There are also these phalaenopsis orchids which I keep inside all year long. Only one bloom per year but it lasts for a long time and is very beautiful, particularly in Feb.

See PM.

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For indoor plants, my phalaenopsis orchids bloom every winter (and they’re super easy keepers).

Outside, I have winter blooming camellias and tons and tons of Hellebores (also called Lenten rose or Christmas rose), which come in a variety of colors and bloom in the dead of winter. They’re also ridiculously easy to propagate from seed. another advantage for my yard is that they tolerate shade very well.

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I have cacti that bloom spontaneously. Two are blooming now, and sometimes some of them bloom in the winter. They just don’t bloom all that often individually.

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winter garden plants that add color and cool shapes to your winter garden.A stalwart of winter bedding displays. Pansy plants are so versatile and will bloom for far longer than any other winter flowering bedding plant.

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Since this question just popped up I should give an update.
Not too long after she posted, @gailcalled sent me some bulbs which I dutifully planted in several pots. They are all doing well. No flowers yet. I figure they need a little more time to settle in.

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@LuckyGuy Have you given the plants any fertilizer?

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@Cruiser I put them in potting soil which I consider pretty rich. But that was over a year ago. It is probably time. I’ll try some Miracle Grow and see what happens.

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