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What things can you hear right now?

Asked by Kardamom (28105points) May 12th, 2014

I just noticed that I can hear both a chicken clucking (in a residential area which is kind of unusual) and a crow squawking, in addition to far off freeway traffic and a loud ticking clock.

What can you hear right this second?

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Fluorescent lighting, air moving machinery, my own keyboard and some others nearby.

I just heard someone’s chair creak, too, and one of my cube neighbors is packing to go home.

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I can hear birdsong, the laundry machine, traffic on the road, my typing, and rustling ti plants. I also have a Japanese picture on fabric that clacks against the wall with a good breeze through the room.

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Some chirping birds, the whirl of the fan in the netbook, and my fingers clicking the keys.

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My fan is a quiet hum, and I can hear a lot of birds chirping on the woods path next to my house.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

Multiple mouse clicks, hvac fan, lighting ballasts, random grunts and sighs

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@ARE_you_kidding_me So you’re either in a brothel or a cubicle, yeah?

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Tv, poster hitting wall, aim message going off, fan, door opening and closing because of the wind, and the top ceiling fan, oh wait there’s more I can hear leaves outside rattling and then my son babbbling words time to time. Damn! That’s a lot going on

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Everyone’s gone to bed & all I hear is the TV, Tour of California cycling on.

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Microwave and oven whirring, re-heating my soup and baking cookies, respectively.

My chair creaking, the computer humming, and the dog grunting in her sleep.

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My dog whining because another dog is walking in front of my house.

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I can hear the neighbors moving chairs or something.

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the continuous loop of the lastest Cosmos episode.

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I’m living a Corona commercial
at this very moment, right down to the Corona. Waves on the lake shore, sitting in a lounger. The cheeseburger birds, an 18 wheeler in the distant background. Oda’s tags jangling on his collar as he digs in the sand at my feet. An occasional nail gun. An occasional motorcycle.
Today is a good day.

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Chirping birds and a fan.

This is very rare at this time of day. Normally there would be screaming children and/or adults. Also dogs barking, sometimes as bad as the Bumpas’ hounds. Oh, and motorcycles.

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Ha Ha Ha @anniereborn I was reading your answer and I thought it said “dogs baking” instead of dogs barking. I was picturing some dogs standing at a counter whisking eggs into beef flavored dog biscuits.

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I thought I heard hammering at my neighbor’s house and went out to check. It appears to be marching band practice at the high school about 3 miles away.

And the refrigerator is humming.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

@Kardamom cubicle but i feel like a ho, l’m trading my time for cash.

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The Bruins versus the Canadiens, my typing, my husband running water in the bathroom, and the new cat streaking through the house.

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I have finally been convinced to watch Sherlock (UK version) so I am about ten minutes into the first episode.

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^ Oooh…Have fun! Loved it.

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It’s almost 6am here, I can hear two different birds singing, the chirping of some insects and the fan buzzing over my head.

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Birds singing their evening tunes, the oscillating rhythms from my ceiling fan, and the soft electric hum of my computer.

Every hour or so my frogs will make a bunch of chirping noises as well. I think they’re getting ready to mate soon.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

I hear peepers out the wahzoo and the hockey game.

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One son sharing the plot of a story, one son practicing guitar, and the tv in the background (tuned to Love it or List it).

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Water in the kitchen sink; the fan; cars on the wet road.

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TV in the background,birds outside churping in the Sunshine,phone ringing,computer keys clicking quickly.

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Leaves rustling in the wind but mostly silence.

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Very quiet here. I do hear the lonesome whistle of the train several miles away and what I suspect is Milo scratching his claws on my screens, but that’s it.

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The kitty purring; some neighbors outside; cars on the wet roads.

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Wet road traffic hiss
The hum of my computer tower
Radio in the kitchen
Keyboard typing
Wind blowing
Tinkling of dishes with the thunder

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a weird low hum, probably from the fact that I have headphones on with nothing playing. Cars in the distance.

My heartbeat moving the can of my left headphone ever so slightly, causing it to shift on my face.

Wind just knocking a can off of my windowsill.

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The tweet-tweet-tweeting of birds in a tree just outside my window. It’s cool here today after a monster overnight rainstorm, and the birds are noisily happy today.

I can also hear the muted whine of my backup drive, but that’s mostly drowned out by my keyboard tapping… and the birdies.

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What is this thing called rain you all keep talking about?~

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This morning Milo and I sat on our bench in the woods and heard the sursurrus of the wind in the leaves and the plashing of the cascade in my little creek (far left in photo). One cardinal whistled briefly.

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edit; susurrus

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Snow melting and running down the drainpipe; traffic seems longer today; neighborhood dogs barking; oh! There goes a fighter plane from the nearby Air Force base…and another one.

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I hear my computer running, my dog sleeping, and the shower running.

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Right now I can only hear Hinder, Nothing Good About Goodbye. I love my music. Now Bliss.

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Lots of birds chirping in the trees, traffic in the distance, kids snoring, leaves rustling when there’s a gust of wind and an airplane overhead.

Love reading everyone’s answers.

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Evening. I’m the only one up. Kitchen radio is first and foremost. Country music.

Tinnitus. I don’t think I mentioned it before. Ringing in the ears. Flat annoying, but my personality allows it to be an impediment to hearing, rather than a constant [freaking annoying] “ring”.

Trucks on the 2-lane outside my house.

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