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Why does Google "Images" show the same thing for dialog and dialog box?

Asked by flo (12305points) May 12th, 2014

Dialog box

They are not the same thing are they? For example one can say “Something is wrong with the Contact Us form there is no dialog box for Email Address.

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It’s for “dialog computers” and “dialog box computers”. They are the same thing.

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The searches you linked are not “dialog” and “dialog box.”

The searches you linked are “dialog computers” and ” “dialog box” computers.”

Since the most common reason that someone would Google “dialog computers” is in the context of a dialog box, it would not be surprising if “dialog computers” and ” “dialog box” computers” yielded exactly the same results. In fact, the results are not exactly the same, but they are very similar.

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I was editing while you answered @janbb @dappled_leaves.

I don’t mean exactly same. How can the whole thing and part of the whole thing be the same image?

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Google doesn’t give you results based on what you put in your search phrase. It gives you results based on what it thinks you meant by your search phrase. Most people searching for “dialog” and “computers” are looking for “dialog boxes” so Google gives everyone search results for dialog boxes. As the others have said, you get quite a different set of results if you look for dialog

I am interested to know what you were actually looking for but that’s just the librarian in me…

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@Stinley You’re a librarian? I didn’t know!

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for my sins @janbb. I work in a university library

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Is dialog box the word for the space for Email Adress etc there?
Contact Us form&imgdii=& here?

Added:Here more specifically.

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A dialog box is any box in a web page or form that you can type into. So, yes, one labelled “Email address:” would be an example.

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Different names for different things right? The examples of dialog box from my link in my detail, if we take the first one:

The first 2 or three items there there is no space to write in there.

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@flo The point is that “dialog box computer” and “dialog computer” are not searching for different things. So the results are pretty much going to be the same.

As I said in my first response, the only reason a person would search “dialog computer” is if they were looking for information about a dialog box in a computer. These searches are looking for the same thing, so they find the same thing.

Do you have a more general question about this that you would like to ask? It seems as though you don’t quite understand how Google searches for things.

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I would say a dialog box was a pop up box and there is not usually any text fields, just buttons to click eg Yes/No, Continue/Cancel, OK/cancel. A form field is where you would type in an email address, name, etc

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*The form field might also be called a text box

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@Stinley You’re getting closer to what I’m asking. So, form filed, text box but not dialog box?

The 3rd one is pointing exactly at what text field is, which is good. But the others 2 are showing me the whole thing that includes text fields. like showing me an image of a house when I’m asking for an image of a kitchen?

The answer to my own OP might have just occured to me: Google et al can’t monitor the accuracy of all the uploads?

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It is true that google doesn’t specifically verify every image with a subject of text field. What it does is monitor the ‘click throughs’. If you search for text field and then click on an image, Google scores that image as being a match to ‘text field’. The more times it gets clicked on the stronger the match becomes. Google ranks the search results according to this information.

If you want to do a search excluding something you can put a – before that search term eg ‘kitchen -house’. You have to be careful as you might exclude images of kitchens that just happen to have house in the wording.

So what do you want to do with the information you are seeking?

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I just want to use the right terms when I’m posting an OP. Sometimes I get the “The question is too vague…(it has to go into editing). So, it is just for the purposes of being informed in general. Like I was asking about some error message I got and I was asked if the error message was in a dialog. The message was just in a rectangular box by the way. I don’t know what that would be called. I have to describe what I’m seeing.

When we click on Save As… appears. What term goes in the blank?

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@flo When you click on “Save as” you enter whatever you want to call the document in the box.

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When you click on save as the save as window opens. If you can do more than click on a button or enter text, then it is called a window.

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*I was wrong above. The dialog box can have text fields. It usually halts the application you are working with until you supply the information needed

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@flo ” Like I was asking about some error message I got and I was asked if the error message was in a dialog. The message was just in a rectangular box by the way. I don’t know what that would be called.”

A dialog box allows 2-way communication between the program and the user. What we’ve described above are dialog boxes where there is a place to type something in, but you can also have a dialog box that has things you can click.

So, an error message in a dialog box would probably tell you what error had occurred, then expect you to click on options like “OK,” “Cancel,” or there could be all kinds of others. The answer you would give when asked if the error was in a dialog box depends on whether there are buttons for you to click in the error message.

This is the example from the Dialog Box entry in Wikipedia – is this why you are asking about “Save As”?

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@janbb So Not so much what you do with iI, but what is the word that goes in the dotted line in my question? What is the image that pops up when you click _Save As ? As in when you ring a door bell if it gets answered, it would be a…. .that shows up. What goes in the blank (the dotted line)? “human being”.

@dappled_leaves “The answer you would give when asked if the error was in a dialog box depends on whether there are buttons for you to click in the error message.” No there is nothing at all to click or enter text in. It is like if you wrote a few sentences o a piece of paper and you drew a rectangle around it

Re. the link you posted, I was referring to the Save as under File.

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Yes, when you click “Save As,” what appears is a dialog box. Does that answer your question?

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Yes but what else could it be called? I`ll give you an example: @Stinley said that the space to fill in the blank is a text box, or a form field. Are there another term for it? I got the dialog box from a computer (expert?) a long time ago. But I don’t think @Stinley agrees with that.

How about the message I described in my last post what is the a few statements in a simple rectangular box called? Have you ever reserved a computer time in a public computer place, it tells you_ “you got 5 minutes left“_ etc. what is it that shows up to tell me that?

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A dialog box can contain a text box, and it can contain a form field. I don’t know why you expect it to have more names, or why it is important to find all the possible names for a dialog box. Hasn’t your question been answered at this point?

I can’t find your question about the “5 minutes” box. If it contains nothing for you to click or write in, then presumably it is just a pop-up window.

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I’m confused. When is it a window when is it a dialog box?

@Stinley Please tell me what else there is to do besides click buttons and enter texts in these things?

@dappled_leaves By the way re. the window of your link (“save as”) does it get mixed up with the x (to close) in the background and does it close everything as a result?

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@flo A dialog box is just another kind of window.

If you click on the “x” that appears in the dialog box, it usually closes only the dialog box. However, this is up to whoever created the dialog box. In some cases, it might close the browser window it originated from, with or without warning.

I would also caution you – if the popup window is from an untrusted source, clicking the “x” might actually give permission for a download of malicious software. For this reason, I use a pop-up blocker, and only allow popups from trusted sources. If a popup manages to open despite this, and I don’t trust the source, I’ll use Task Manager to close the browser window instead of clicking the “x” in the popup window.

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@dappled_leaves re. the “x” for closing a window that was a by the way thing, it is un related to the save as thing.

So, anyway that I was composing or reading this thread and I clicked, it just so happens on your link and I think my own link everything got closed. It was a glitch, I just tried it no problem. It can’t happen on IE because any new window doesn’t directly over the background one.

This is one Contact us prolem with Firefox, no problem with IE (IE8 anyway)

Thanks for the Task Manager advice.

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Let me edit my post above:

”....I clicked on the “x” at the link (and my own link as well) everything else I had open (a newspaper website etc.)and they all got closed instead just one link.
It can’t happen on IE because any new window (if I open a link in a new window) doesn’t go directly over the background one, it goes slightly to the right and slightly south.

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@janbb @dappled_leaves When I enter whatever I want to call the document it refuses it. I tried entering the url of the site, and just a word etc.

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@flo The link that I posted is only an image of a dialog box. You can’t choose any of the options. I only posted it to show what the thing looked like.

I don’t see anything in the link that you posted that could be called either a dialog box or a form, so I’m not sure why you posted it.

Regarding the “they all got closed” problem you seem to be having, perhaps your browser is set up to close all tabs if you close one tab. This is probably something you can adjust in your browser’s settings.

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@dappled_leaves I wasn’t referring to to the “x” to close the dialog box on the image in your link. I was referring to closing the window.

I posted my link because it has to do with what happened when contact us is clicked using Firefox. But really this the link to post.

Whoever would program it like ”...set up to close all tabs if you close one tab” should be commited. But like I mentioned above it just happened once so I guess it was a glitch – a glitch that couldn’t happen in IE.

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“Whoever would program it like ”...set up to close all tabs if you close one tab” should be commited.”

Haha! Yes, I tend to agree.

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