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What traffic inconsistency makes you insane?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) May 12th, 2014

I could name a dozen, but top of my list is when I have my cruise control on, I pull out to pass someone, and they speed up to exactly my speed, keeping me in their blindspot.

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People that pull out right in front of me when there is absolutely no one behind me… Um, was it that hard to wait that extra 3 seconds?

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People who don’t use their turn signals.

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People who honk their horns at me when I’m having sex in my car.

Geez people, if you’re that impatient, just drive around me when the light turns green! ;-)

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- Imagine you are in a junction. You go straight ahead, the person on your left go straight too. You go slowly, or even stop, in order to allow that person to go first, but they stop too. You think they want you to go first, so you go, but just right after that that person speeds up. Guaranteeing a 90% of “bam”

- In a junction again. You see a green light up ahead. You pass the traffic light, only to be greeted by a handful of cars coming toward your side. Just then you realize the red light was on by the time you passed the traffic light.

- You encounter a drunk, who turn the turn signals for the left and goes to the right.

- You are going on the street peacefully when suddenly a collision takes place and a person falls down 3 meters ahead of you.

- You are going on the street peacefully again when suddenly you hear dog barking behind you and the dog is seemingly coming toward you. You run as fast as possible, only to realize later that the dog barking is just some kind of “innovative” horn some jerks just invented.

@GloPro It is totally possible and legal in GTA :p

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@flip86 define “idiot”

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Idiot car drivers that will do an unsafe illegal pass just to get in front of my big truck to then drive 5 to 15 kph slower than I was traveling.

Morons that text and drive, don’t use their turn signals,refuse to dim their lazer beam head lights to on coming traffic, Idiots that are driving 10 to twenty kph under the speed limit and speed up the second you try and pass just to slow back down when you pull in back behind them,should I go on??

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Oh yeah,thanks for the reminder , IDIOTS that seem top hang out in your blind spot.

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@SQUEEKY2 Morons that text and drive, don’t use their turn signals

Then you hate my country, or at least my friend. Use horns instead of signals, and rather get run over by a car than miss a single text :/

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@Mimishu1995 I still don’t quite understand the text craze epidemic, I do understand the texting has a place but as far as I am concerned it’s become like an illness.

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I hate when someone is following too closely. And it seems everyone does it these days. Like it’s an accepted form of driving. I even see police doing it while they’re just patrolling.

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@flip86 Pretty gutsy linking THAT clip in THIS PLACE.

People who park in the bicycle lane then don’t observe cyclist coming behind them and open the driver side door, forcing you to either run into them or swerve into traffic.

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Yes, trying to pass someone, and then they speed the hell up. I also hate tailgaters, especially when you’re not driving under the posted speed limit, and yet they’re weaving in and out of their lane in some lame attempt to intimidate you. My anger level goes up more when I’m being tailed during inclement weather or bad road conditions. No turn signals ticks me off a bit too, and people who run stop signs and lights make my blood boil, and I better stop posting here.

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People taking the right lane at a traffic light, because there is a free turn on right, to then stop and swerve to takethe left turn in front of all other cars. This maneuvre is extremely common here.

Using your horn, instead of a blinker.

Relying on other people to use their horns, instead of your mirrors.

To pass a whole line of cars that are lined up dor an ezit, to make a second parallel line for that exit, on the road and then overtake the people in front of you in that second lane, effectively making three parallel lines for one exit.
(Two of those lines are blocking other traffic)

Cops that swerve because they are texting.

Basically all about the traffic where I live. But on the other hand…. It is like a video game.

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@GloPro I wouldn’t even mind that much if people did that, as long as they pulled out and floored it. It’s when they pull out and take forever to accelerate that drives me nuts.

@ibstubro Going off your example, people driving 45 in a 50 when it’s one lane and then as soon as it gets to 2 lanes and you go to pass them they gun it up to 75–80 only to slow back down to 45 when it goes back to one lane.

@Dan_Lyons Police do it to try and get you to speed up so they can pull you over for speeding.

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I hate it when a car is driving at my exact speed on a narrow, two-lane highway in the other lane, right up against the line. It really freaks me out.

Also when cars you pass pass you back out of spite.

And people who don’t turn off their high beams when they’re approaching you.

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people who don’t signal

people who drive slow in the fast lane

people who leave their direct light clicking for over ten miles before they turn it off

people that don’t get into the intersection while waiting to turn and not block everyone behind them waiting to just pass them.

people who blast their radio especially in the summer (but heck I can live with that)

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People who wait for the green light on a right turn. My girlfriend does this and it annoys the crap outta me. She’s always getting beeped at.

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People who stop in the middle of the roundabout.

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@Mimishu1995 Regarding intersections/4 way stops. Don’t hesitate. Come to a full stop then immediately begin moving through. That “you go / no you go” shit happens when both people hesitate. Also, oddly enough, I’ve found that if, for whatever reason I want the other person to go first (usually because they were there 10 seconds before I was, then waited and waited for me to come to a stop so we can start that stupid dance) I have found that if you look away from them they tend to go. Which is pretty counter-intuitive to me, but it works.

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@josie I agree. There is actually one circle around my area though that has you yield in the middle of the circle for incoming traffic. It’s the most ridiculous setup ever.

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Left lane babysitters!

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People driving in the left lane that will come to a complete stop and stop traffic for someone making a left hand turn when it isn’t safe or logical to do so.
I have seen the turning car get T-boned by a car driving properly in the right hand lane that was not aware of what was happening.

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The only one I think I can add at this point it when there is a “Lane closed ahead” notice, and the jerks run all the way up to the actual barricade, then expect you to let them in, when you’ve been in the proper lane for 30, 40 minutes.

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@ibstubro Totally that is why in my big truck the last 4 to 5 hundred I drive in both lanes so the idiots can’t do that, or if 2 big trucks are together we will run side by side right up to the lane closure then let the other in.

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I have seen that done, @SQUEEKY2.

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