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What makes you tick (see details)?

Asked by ucme (45366points) May 13th, 2014

Check out the link below & see how you feel, or don’t…it’s that simple

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That’s about right. But I wonder if that’s biological, or if people set their own clocks by their routines.

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Eh I don’t think it is that simple. I have always preferred to be a night owl. Also had to get up very early during work days during school and most work years. So now I also get up naturally when it is light. Or at least wake up somewhat alarmed I will be late when even if I do go back to sleep. I go as long as possible in the summer until exhausted I crash for 12 hours or take a nap. In the winter I tend to sleep longer and more… Biological clock???? There is none.

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I am balanced apparently. Never been told that before!!

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Yeah, the wife’s “balanced” too @Leanne1986, i’m an owl, fwiw.

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I’m balanced. Didn’t read the article, though, so I don’t know what that means for me.

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Yep, balanced here too. It is also seasonal, sometimes in the dead of winter I will go to bed at 8–8:30, but summer time I will stay up much later.

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Extreme Owl. I have been my whole life as long as I can remember

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