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Favorite art films? Anything from weird cult films to escapism etc?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) May 13th, 2014

Looking to watch a ton of art/cult films this summer anything from obscure, to dark humor, to demonic, to escapism, to fantasy you name it I want to see it!

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Harold and Maude
(terrific soundtrack by Cat Stevens)

A Boy and His Dog (a cute Don Johnson pre-Miami Vice and a demonic Jason Robards)

Tank Girl (better than Mad Max IMHO)

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Secret of Kells (less adult but stunningly gorgeous)

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The Corndog Man


@Buttonstc . . . I saw Harold and Maude when I was 11. I haven’t been the same since.

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I’m assuming you’re familiar with the Grandaddy of them all but perhaps I shouldn’t.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (but it loses something unless you see it with a bunch of dedicated fans who dress up and bring plenty of props like toilet paper. Great Scott!!)

And I had trouble remembering the exact title and had to look it up. The plot makes little sense but it’s a hoot anyway.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

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Every time it’s on the TV listings I’ll drop everything else and watch. It was such a weird and wonderful adventure and almosr everything in the plot is a surprise.

They just don’t make ones like this very often.

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@BhacSsylan I agree, Secret of Kells was amazing. Still there were some scenes in there that I found to be a bit more adult (like this or aisling with crom cruach), than the suggested 5–10yr category netflix put it in :P

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The Fall is one of the most visually breath-taking films that I have ever seen. It plays with the concept of storytelling in very interesting ways, too.

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@muppetish Great choice, I thoroughly enjoyed The Fall. Such beautiful cinematography. I loved the little girl too, she was so cute.

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Loved Donnie Darko.
Loved My Dinner with Andre
Loved Mindwalk (although the physics made my head hurt)

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Anything by Hayao Miyazaki

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500 Days of Summer
Pan’s Labyrinth
The Night of Shooting Stars
Fellini Satyricon
La Strada

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Too many to name, but most of Tarkovsky’s works are essential.
Most Czech art films in the 60’s (and Svankmajer’s animations) are insane.

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Second Brazil! And speaking of Giliam, also “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”, which is like the anti-Brazil, I’ve realized.

Also second Mr. Fox, as well as Wes Anderson’s entire oeuvre, really: Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Also also second Pan’s Labyrinth, Miyazaki, and Darko!

Oh, and speaking of cult films and animation, also Akira.

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If you have time to watch it a couple of times… or if you have the ability bend and fold time… check out Primer.

And if people are going to go on about Brazil, I’ll also suggest Time Bandits.

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Detective Story

I couldn’t sleep after watching it. It was just too thought-provoking.

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Keep it coming!

@Blondesjon I watched Happiness @ 17 and haven’t been the same since. Highly recommended especially for those who love Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Also recommend, Withnail and I

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders For avant garde non sense fantasy.

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The god of love. Black Narcissus The Duelists The Loved One

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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
The Cell
Ghost In The Shell
Full Metal Jacket
Neverending Story
Clash of the Titans ( 80s )
Blade Runner
Barton Fink
The Name of the Rose
Once Upon A Time In The West
Austin Powers Man of Mystery
The Fifth Element
Fearless Vampire Killers ( Pardon Me But Your Teeth Are In My Neck )
The Fly

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Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dead and Breakfast

Pulp Fiction

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Just a few from my list.

La Dolce Vita

The Scent of Green Papaya


The shower (Chinese)

Fahrenheit 451


Two Cars, One Night (Short Film)

Sketches of Frank Gehry

The Lady Killers (with Alec Guinness)

Swimming Pool

Open Hearts

Conversations with my Gardener

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@mazingerz88 the original Clash of the Titans is on of my all time favorite movies :)

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Not familiar with that one, is it an acronym for something :P

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@El_Cadejo Crazy about the 80s Clash-! Still unsurpassed in fantasy and story by the remakes. I have 2 or 3 cool Medusa art prints. :)

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