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What type of media is completely biased and exists only to promote an agenda?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36041points) May 13th, 2014

There is a story making the rounds that some girl was kicked out of her prom because men (fathers) were lusting after her. Her name (supposedly) is Clare Ettinger. I can’t find the story anywhere other than those rags, but I need an official term for them.

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No, I’m thinking like “The Science Christian Monitor” and that tabloid put out by the NRA, the rag, “”.....that’s all I can pull out of my head right now.

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What’s Watchtower?

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@Adirondackwannabe It’s the Jehovah’s witness propaganda they go door to door and pass out.

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MSNBC is a blatant and belligerent mouthpiece of the Liberal wingnut agenda.

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Calling half of the country “wingnuts” doesn’t really help.

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Fox News.

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@johnpowell I should have qualified my comment in that I am speaking about a very small, teeny weeny minority of talking heads who control a vast majority of the mass media that bombard us with all out lies to cover the truths they do not want voters to be aware of. Wingnuts exist in all the parties, Liberal Dems, Conservative Repubs, Tea Partiers as well as independents. But is the Liberal wingnuts on MSNBC that are so over the top manipulators of falsehoods they make Fox new appear legit.

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Gutter journalism, rags, red tops.

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The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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The Christian Science Monitor? Really? The CS Monitor is one of the most neutral, even-handed and unbiased news publications out there.

(Which is probably why it’s always struggled financially.)

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I’ll have to look again @Darth_Algar, but that hasn’t been my experience.

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You must not have read much of it then. Unless, maybe, you’re making the mistake of judging the publication by it’s title. People frequently do that with the CS Monitor.

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Anyone who thinks MSNBC or CNN are liberal has probably never seen or read actual liberal media.

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Any state sponsored media.

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