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Care to share something mind-screwing?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14639points) May 13th, 2014

Like an insane philosophy saying or something crazy but true?

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I ain’t black but there are a whole lot of times I wish I weren’t white.

~Frank Zappa

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My real life mind screw.
Was camping with friends some years ago when we went to make a beer run to the campground market. As we were driving through the state park there was a man on the ground, with a ranger standing over him, a blanket pulled up to his chin and a crashed motorcycle on the side of the road.
He was lucid and talking…but…there, in the middle of the road was a huge pile of guts. Intestines, stomach, liver or something.

I was so blown away….my brain could not compute HOW in the hell this person could be ALIVE, with their insides splattered all over the road!
I was stunned, I could hardly drive, just a major mind f——k!
Until….the return trip when we saw a disemboweled deer in the ditch on the other side of the road!

I was a wreck for hours, so shocking!

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Camels are very incestuous and often suffer from inbreeding. When they are upset they release very runny diarrhea. Normally their bowel movements are very firm since they have to conserve water at least periodically.

Just two facts I ran into while reading Joseph Anton recently cant quite get out of my mind.

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Oh, and the time I saw a preying mantis eating a tree frog on my deck. haha
Truth is stranger than fiction.

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This is one I have thought of and constantly contemplate:
What if my perceived minute is another person’s perceived year?
Sometimes people don’t even understand what I’m trying to convey…
You may like the conspiracy memes.

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No life on planet Earth matters in the grand scheme of the universe. Is it a fact that every human life to have ever lived on Earth is meaningless to the rest of the universe. None of us matter and none of us are significant in any way.

(I know I might get some uppity religious people disagreeing, but I’m not going to engage, if so.)

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This crazy story that my friend wrote:

Shameless plug

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The only thing that matters at all is all of life, especially us humans. And most important is how we interact with one another.
Everything else is illusion; it is all about people and how they interrelate.
The Universe actually does exist for us.
It is a fact that every human life in the history of the earth, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is of extreme importance to the Universe.

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Speaking of the Universe… I cannot wrap my head around the fact that it is infinite and forever expanding. Woah.

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Why can I take on almost 100 pounds of dog that wants to kick my ass and prevail and a ⅓ inch of insect almost kills me?

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@Cruiser You are making my head spin :D

@Coloma Best gore story ever! ~
Ghost story: some time later @Coloma found out that the man was actually the spirit of the deer as it tried to ask for help to reach the afterlife.

@dxs This story happened just like others, with a photo :p

@Unbroken Hey, never saw it coming. Those cute camels…

@MarvinPowell I’m not going to debate with you because I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting at, either ~

@weeveeship That’s one excellent story. I like the premiere so much. Guarantee for a thought-provoking story.

You’re the winner tonight. I love it!

@Dan_Lyons That’s some cool mind-screwing philosophy sayings.

@GloPro And if you do, your head will explore ~

@Adirondackwannabe Touch choice, right :(

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There’s a bird native to Colombia which has a latin name… bastardos illegitimo
Roughly translates to “that which denies the existence of a father”
Saw one say so much on Jerry Springer one time.

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Using a portable toilet is a harrowing experience at the best of times.
But one female festival-goer was given the shock of her life when she lifted the loo seat to discover a man hiding in the waste tank

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@flutherother Lends a whole new meaning to ” piss on you!” lol
What kind of freak could DO THAT! How disgusting!

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@flutherother Police are trying to trace the man who is being sought on charges of criminal attempt to make unlawful sexual contact

Guess it make sense that he hided there after all ~

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Nasty!!!! Shudder!!!! Suddenly queasy myself…

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My worst nightmare would be to die, trapped in a plastic porta potty on a 90–100 degree day. lol Those things are just hideous, 30 seconds inside and you need a full shower.

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Imagine if you were inside and it fell, then all the toilet water would go on you lol.

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@Symbeline OMG….the grossest things ever invented. I will risk getting caught with my oants down in the buses before I go in those hideous things. I hate it because their is one at the beginning of a walking trail here and no handy cover to scoot off into the weeds. I hold my breath and try my best to not drink anything before I go walking.

Woman found dead of dehydration on local walking trail. lol

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Porta potty may be cause of death, it has been taken into custody for questioning. lol

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Jackass anyone?

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