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Baseball Gurus: How did Andrew Cashner not record a W today?

Asked by pleiades (6581points) May 13th, 2014

It was Padres vs Reds

Padres win 2–1

Cashner allowed 7 hits 1 run.

Relief pitcher Bonoit records the W & Street with the save.

Padres 3 hits, 2 runs.

I didn’t watch the game but I’m assuming there must have been an inning where he must have let a lot of base runners on and Benoit had to come in?

Care to explain? Thanks! GA for you.

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In Major League Baseball, the winning pitcher is defined as the pitcher who last pitched prior to the half-inning when the winning team took the lead for the last time.

Here, the Padres got their winning run in the top of the 9th inning. Benoit was the pitcher who last pitched for the Padres (he pitched in the bottom of the 8th). Therefore, Benoit gets the W. Street gets the SV because he entered the game while his team was up by less than three points and recorded the final outs without allowing the other side to win or tie the game.

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