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How can I be comfortable doing a photoshoot?

Asked by marksonos (298points) May 14th, 2014

I’ve never modeled before, and I am definitely not a model type. I am modeling nude (don’t judge please) next week and I am extremely nervous. It is a very well known photographer in LA.

How can I be less nervous and more likable?

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No one’s going to judge you. It’s your choice anyway.

But seriously, modeling nude can bring the feeling of awkwardness. Undressing publicly and let someone photograph you in that position… that doesn’t seem very comfortable, especially when you model the first time.

Is that modelling really that necessary? If not, then I think you shouldn’t do that. You’ve never modeled before, and as I can see modeling nude is making you nervous.

Be confident, saying to yourself that you can do it, look at the camera and make the most relaxed face possible. The photographer is well known, so he must know what to do.

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May I ask why, if you are not a model, nor a model type (whatever that means), you are having photos taken by a professional photographer?

Where will the photoshoot be taking place? What is the purpose of the nudity? Are there others in the photos with you, clothed or nude?

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I’m curious did you ask to do this or did they ask you to do this?

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I would plug a video camera into your TV or computer and stand naked and simply watch yourself. Practice normal breathing and just standing relaxed. One technique I use when I am stressed is to clench my fists, grit my teeth and make my best Clint Eastwood sneer and then let go and release that tension. Repeat as needed.

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Why a camera? Why not a mirror?

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A camera would allow you to position it from behind you and you can see your hot ass while you twerk! lol

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Oh god, don’t go there. :)

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The photographer will work with you to put you at ease.

Stand in front of the mirror nude and say positive affirmations about your body. Things like “This is my body and I love it and myself.” “I look good.” Say them our loud even if it feels weird. Repeat several times.

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If he is a good photographer he will give you tips I’d imagine. That is part of what makes him good. Time in front of the camera is normally what helps. Start to take loads of selfies, take photos with a timer. Learn what looks good on you. For example: I look horrible when I ‘try and act sexy’, I’m better off just smiling and laughing. Find your best expressions, your best side, ask friends. Try body relaxing techniques, like clenching your muscles and relaxing. Don’t forget to breath! Think of the camera as a good friend and look back at it. I mean literally, think of a good friend and imagine that the camera is them.

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Just relax and realize everyone pretty much has the same junk with our clothes off. Stand in front of a mirror nude before you hop in the shower and just stare at yourself. Stare at your own body. That will help take the pressure off. Hopefully you’re not too old to think you have an aging, ill body. Then again, if you were old, you probably wouldn’t care about being nude, anyway.

If you were doing nude modeling for an art class, I can tell you most of them won’t care. (A few members of the opposite sex might laugh at you, but besides that, most won’t care and you won’t be their first nude model.)

I am FAR from confident with my body, but I wouldn’t care less about nude modeling. (I’d just feel sorry for the poor photographer who has to look at that!) I’m also assuming you’re a guy, so that’s even less to be worried about. Cup your balls if you feel you need to. If you were a woman though, it still wouldn’t matter much. Its probably easier being a female and modeling nude than male. More people would want to see you.

But either way, its nothing to be afraid of. Just don’t look down if it makes you nervous and speak to the photographer first. He/she will probably be used to nudity. After about five minutes, so will you.

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