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How do I change my computer's settings?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2156points) May 14th, 2014

Well, because Fluther is pissing me RIGHT THE FUCK OFF, I changed the fucking title. I know how to do that, so here is the REAL question:
Why does my friend’s computer keep going into sleep mode, even though I have deselected all of those options in Windows 7?
My friend has an HP Desktop from last year. She is running Windows 7 Basic on it. Even though she has all of the power management setting configured to never let the computer sleep, or go into hibernate mode, it still does.
Up until about a month ago, the computer wouldn’t go into sleep mode, but recently, it has been doing so randomly and it is pissing her, and me off, to no extent. I have tried everything I know to stop it from sleeping, but it still does.
What could the problem be? Could there be some other option located someplace I don’t know about in power management? Could some HP POS program be telling the computer to sleep?
Also, we found a few work arounds that seem to be getting worked around.
For example, she would put her music on (Windows Media Player) and just let it loop muted or turned down. That stopped working about 5 months ago, maybe longer. So, we discovered that if she ran her Minecraft server 24\7, that would stop it from going into sleep mode. But now, even that isn’t working. I swear the only explanation (besides someone entering her house and physically clicking the sleep button) is that Windows 7 is, in fact AI, and that AI, hates me and her.
EDIT: Oh, also, if there is a free, safe, program out there that one knows about that is supposed to keep the computer awake no matter what, that would help too! Thank you guys!

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Did you go back and double check that the default settings aren’t back in place?

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Yes, every time this happens, and it has only been reset once (after a virus scan). I didn’t check today, but it has been happening the last few days, and those days, the settings remained that same. I even went into advanced power management and made sure any setting that even remotely looked like it might allow sleep\hibernate, I shut off.

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