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Looking immediately to your left, what do you see?

Asked by ucme (45418points) May 14th, 2014

If it’s a person, blow them a kiss & tell us how that worked out for you.
Anything else, just say what it is & move on, or expand further if you wish.

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First I made the L with my hand to be sure I was looking left. Yep, all good. Cubicle wall. I sent it a kiss anyway. No reaction. Stupid wall.

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My stereo headphones.

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Camera. Calender. Funky deal I keep pens and misc. stuff in. Glasses. Amazingly clean, too!

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A lot of things, actually: the desk chair, the fan seated on the desk chair because it’s hot as hell today, two stuffed dinosaurs (a tyrannosaurus and triceratops), a pile of clothes belonging to my SO and me, and a cushion.

There’s more things behind the chair, but I’ll limit myself to the foregrond.

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Somethings are best ignored, @muppetish. ;)

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Michael Myers and Doctor Loomis figurines, complete with staircase, grass, a small glow in the dark pumpkin and a Halloween sign. I’ve had that thing forever, it’s basically a confrontation between Myers and Loomis. The two characters have holes in their feet and you can stick them either on top of the stairs or on the grass. (both those areas have pins so both figurines can stand up)
Besides that, there’s also a Cuban ashtray shaped like a man’s face. You put the cigarettes out in his mouth lol. He has a straw hat on, and there’s a removable ceramic cigar in his mouth, too.
But it’s too awesome to actually put cigarettes out in it.

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A roll of toilet paper.

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I’m waiting for someone to blow a kiss to a complete stranger…

Dutchess_III's avatar

Gross @Blondesjon! You’re Fluthering in the can!

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(I will answer later when there is something better to look at on the left.)

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A very tall, very messy bookcase from the sixties that I hate.

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Some good answers, one crap one
These are the thought provoking questions that Fluther was made for, no really!

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A window with the sun streaming in.

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A piano and a peacock feather.
And I may have just kissed my piano…

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On a windowsill, cans of Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, my business cards, and some blueberries in a plastic container. Beyond that, a window with some buildings and some trees, and cars on the street below. An overcast day. A large government building with a flag on top and some skyscrapers past that.

ucme's avatar

I see dead peo…no, too obvious

talljasperman's avatar

A family sized big bag of Lay’s potato chips.

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A scanner

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My boyfriend. I blew him a kiss, like you said. He smiled.

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@AshLeigh Yay, you came through, be better if it was a random person though

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I’ll do it again later :) To a random person.

Berserker's avatar

I’d do it to my roommate, but then she’d probably try to punch me. Then I’d have to murder her. Then I would go to jail, and it would suck ass.

ucme's avatar

@AshLeigh Hey, you be careful out there y’hear, no telling how a crazy person would react :D
@Symbeline All kinds of bad right there, maybe if you burnt her corpse & let her ashes be cast to the winds, no one will ever know.

Berserker's avatar

Haha, it’s not like anyone’s really gonna look for her anyway.…I’m an asshole. :D

ucme's avatar

A constipated asshole…no shit?

ucme's avatar

Be cool if someone answered, “The Last House on the Left”
Said in the voice of that movie trailer guy, all sinister & shit.

Berserker's avatar

That movie trailer guy, is the same dude for like, most trailers? Because they all sound the same.

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My bed, very clean and pretty with its summer coverlet. Maybe my husband and I can do something fun in that bed tonight. Wouldn’t that be a nice outcome of @ucme‘s question?

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@Symbeline I think the original dude died a couple of years back, but yeah, they always sound the same
@SadieMartinPaul Possibly

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I see out the window of my second bedroom and into my front yard that I spent $250.00 to get landscaped yesterday. It was worth it.

Blackberry's avatar

My contact case.

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A brick wall.

deni's avatar

Fun question. People at a cash register at this gluten free restaurant I am at. I am only here cause my boyfriend works here and I needed free wi-fi to sign up for health care which didn’t work anyhow, but they do have really good vegan mac and cheese.

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Sports calendar for my favorite baseball team

flip86's avatar

My couch.

bea2345's avatar

The wall.

GloPro's avatar

I blew him a kiss. He yawned. He gets plenty of kisses.

Mimishu1995's avatar

Which left side do you want, the real world’s or my imaginary world’s?

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

My reflection in a mirror

Haleth's avatar

A build-a-bear in jedi robes, holding a toy lightsaber; Wine and Spirits magazine; a book on climate and soil type in the Burgundy vineyards; an ungodly tangle of necklaces and cute hair clips; colorful pens with silk flowers taped to the ends; my old-timey flip phone; an empty wine glass.

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A photo board on the wall.

Coloma's avatar

My carved, wooden, naked headhunter statue, an oriental lamp on a beaded runner and a brass Lotus Blossom candle holder. :-)

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Lots of toys, the cable box, tea towels.

Unbroken's avatar

Déni omg !!!! Gluten and cheese free mac and cheese???? My most longed for comfort food, deep dish triple baked?!. I have never been able to replace??? I don’t honestly know whether to be put off and disgusted by the idea or insanely jealous and curious! I think ill settle for somewhere in between.

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All I can see is the time glowing in the distance about 15 feet away, because the room is so dark. I know there is a table over there though with a ton of papers on it and a travel bag.

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A snotty handkerchief sitting on the arm of the chair. (damned cold…........)

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Amongst other things, a glass of Jack Daniels and Coke, a tube of lube and a packet of Starburst. I’m not even joking!

Dutchess_III's avatar

^^^^ I thought the same thing. Maybe it’s for after the Jack Daniels makes her crazy!

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A really bright, warm lamp (which is unfortunate because it’s at least 100 degrees where I am currently) and a huge book shelf with 3 shelves that have fallen/broken down to their right. I told my friend about his broken book case 2 months ago, but I guess he didn’t have the urge to fix it. Oh yeah, and an empty ice tea glass. Better go refill it since it’s 100 degrees here.

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I remember when starburst were called opal fruits…“made to make ya mouth water”

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Lube for sexy time (if needed!) I was lying on my bed at the time of answering and my bedside table was on the left of me. I don’t normally leave it sitting there in full view but I was obviously feeling to lazy to move it after our last session.

YES! I remember when they were Opal Fruits. Old school man!!!

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@Leanne1986 Once, I freed a lizard stuck in a stack of flower pots in one of the drainage holes. I used Astroglide and he slipped right out. haha
Lubing Lizards. :-p

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@Leanne1986 Gotta have that sexy time! :D

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Blew a kiss to the random stranger that was sitting by me at the movie theater yesterday. She was not amused.

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Still seeing the same items as described above, but now, I also see my IP bill and a banana I have been meaning to eat. It will make it til tomorrow, I think. lol

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Haha, you’re my new hero @AshLeigh, won’t last long though, i’m fickle like that :)

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Well, being your hero for a moment is still quite an accomplishment. :D

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Respect where it’s due

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