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Sick with the flu, what can I do?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) May 14th, 2014

Got the flu guys and I am sneezing constantly, have a severe headache and my stomach is very queasy. How can I feel better?

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Before you go to bed get a large coffee cup. Slice up a lemon; get a candy cane, some honey and sugar. Fill the coffee cup up with 6/8 full of water; boil it 1st or heat it in the microwave. Fold in the candy can, 3 table spoons of honey, and add 5–7 heaping teas spoons of sugar. Swig it down as hot as you can stand and as quick as possible. Hop into bed with 3 blankets and two comforters, you will feel better (or should), then send the bill where I direct you. ;-)

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Unfortunately this formula mentioned above will wipe out any diabetic person. It may very well be the cause of diabetes in persons who are sugar sensitive.

For sneezing and the headache (if it is a sinus headache) try Sudafed. It always worked like a charm for me. Beware, it contains Pseudoephedrine which all the ice makers (crystal meth) are using to make their product.

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What can you do? Well I don’t have a clue, if you are feeling queasy, just take it easy.


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^^ The OP did not say they were diabetic, surely if anyone were, I would not suggest that treatment, they would end up in the ER but for a different reason.

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I wasn’t attacking you, @Hypocrisy_Central. Just a heads up to @Eggie
Most people wouldn’t just toss out that they’re diabetic.

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Warm cup of a tsp of apple cider vinegar and honey… Or ginger lemon and honey in hot water (anti-inflammatory, also good for digestion). nasal spray.. no doubt congested.

Aloe vera concentrate for the digestive system.

A heating pad or some sort of hot pack either infused with hers or rice or whatever. Also for nausea are the sea bands. They have prego pops that use specific essential oils that help the queasiness in stomach. But they have a high sugar content. Or you could stick with Pepto-Bismol made out of a bismuth and very effective.

For the congestion you might try lavender lemon and eucalyptus oil in water,,(essential oils, digestible) swish in mouth for 30 seconds and then swallow. Helps your mouth feel very clean as well.

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@Dutchess_III Tried that and I woke up worst than before. Just an update: I am now feeling like my head is twice its normal size and when I stand up my body weight feels lighter. I also have a slight fever.

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A cool wash cloth on your head or chest. Your headache is probably worsened by dehydration. If you are congested or suffering from allergies you need to extra to float the bugs out. But a fever and sleep probably with mouth open to aid in breathing would burn through hydration more quickly.

you can use tiger balm tea tree oil or something along those lines into your chest or under your nose to help clear out your sinuses.

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Use the time to rhyme? ;)

Sorry. Feel better soon!

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You can’t eliminate the flu – it needs to run its course – but you can alleviate its symptoms. I would take something to stop the sneezing, a couple of aspirin for the headache, and something mild to settle the queasiness. Then, I’d curl up and sleep until the flu’s done with torturing me.

I hope you feel better soon.

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I always make a banana smoothie with a whole banana, small scoop of vanilla ice cream and an 1/8 tsp cinnamon with a cup of peppermint tea after, then go lay down.

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It was also my immediate reaction to rhyme the title lol.

Just stay hydrated and watch netflix.

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If all you have is what you site in your detail it is not a flu. It is just a cold I think. Flu is more severe.

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Nyquil, the best drug in the world. I like the gel caps instead of a shot of the nasty liquid form. Nyquil will just knock you out until you feel better. Drink a lot of fluids and take hot baths/showers in between drugging yourself. Feel better soon, sorry your egg is cracked right now. :-)

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Drank some ginger tea and felt a little better, nose is running like a faucet though. My headache has passed but I am sneezing frequently now.

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cite not site. Where is @gailcalled?

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