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What is a good top 10 list for a tech blog to do for the long weekend?

Asked by siliconcalley (58points) July 3rd, 2008

Every Friday we do a top 10 list on our blog for a different topic. I am trying out Fluther to see if we can get anything good. Bring it on!

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Websites that Are Famous for No Reason (perfect example- twitter)
Ways To Make Your Blog Famous ( doesnt seem like a pretty popular site)
How To Not Dress Like A Geek (tech nerds don’t know how to dress)
Best New Blogs
Blogs Run by People Under 21

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Top 10 things to do while waiting in line for your new iPhone 3G :-)

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10 ways to declare your independence from technology (AKA how to enjoy the long weekend)

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Ten worst tech blogs ever.

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10 links to keep you super busy
10 amazing portfolios
10 beautiful designs
10 interesting photos from FFFFound.

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siliconcalley is my private blog mirza, i work for another blog.

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Top 10 ways to cope with the county fair that your kids simply must attend

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Geeks you should know the name of
Ten ways to trick out ben franklin.
Ten best 404 errors. (the cute ones)
ten ways you shouldn’t light fireworks
ten ways you shouldn’t BBQ
ten gadgets that look dirty but are innocent.
Ten naughtiest (but innocent) items. (vibrating razor with rounded back and removable blades?)

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* 10 free things to do in a weekend (see
* 10 technologies that promoted independence (maybe tough to do without getting jingoistic)
* 10 worst predictions in tech history
* 10 worst examples of technology in movies


* 10 best albums to work to
* 10 best field trips to do with your office

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ten things we should apparently have by now

Ten things that we should be done with by now

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10 best top 10 lists ;-)

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