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Can you draw any comparisons between Greek heroes and American comic book superheroes?

Asked by weeveeship (4584points) May 14th, 2014

Wondering if you could draw any comparisons between specific Greek heroes and specific American comic book heroes.

For example, Achilles is similar to Superman. Both are very strong. Both have a single weakness – Achilles’s weak heel and Superman’s weakness to kryptonite.

In some ways, Heracles (Hercules) and Hulk are similar. Both are extremely strong, but both have a really bad temper. Both rely primarily on brute strength.

Any others?

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Thor and thor?

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Thor is a Norse God, not a Greek hero.

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Hermes = The Flash

Also, Marvel has their own versions of the Norse and Greek Gods. Thor (‘natch), Hercules, Ares, Odin, Hela, Zues, and more have been active over the years in their comics.

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Atlas = Giant Man
Who was Hank Pym’s second persona after Ant Man.

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One could say that all those many many unpowered characters such as Batman are akin to Jason, Odysseus, etc. as they are normal men (with at least one god’s favor) who have battled monstrosities that it would have normally taken a demi-god, god, or a massive army to take on simply with their own cleverness.

And then I’d say Tony Stark is similar to Daedalus as they are both brilliant tinkerers who have done good but have asshole streaks in them… on second thought, throw in Reed Richards and Hank Pym while we’re at it.

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The Hawk reminds me of Icarus… than perhaps not.

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