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What is the cutest thing you've ever found on the Internet?

Asked by cyan (40points) July 3rd, 2008

Searching for cuteness. Pictures – whatever

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i always enjoy watching this (and it always makes me laugh too)

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I check everyday, and there is always something cute. I also visit the daily puppy and daily kitten—very cute stuff. I just typed cute a lot.

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Hmmmm, om nom nom nom comes to mind.

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PnL, I was soo going to post that one :P watching that always makes me happy

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@zarnold… Ahhh!!!

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My idea of cute may be slightly twisted, but here goes:
Kawaii Not
and of course!....Hello Kitty, although not everyone agrees with that!

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hhahaha that hello kitty hell site is pretty funny

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Yup, he cracks me up! My husband considers him a kindred spirit, although at least my obsession is mostly for comedy/novelty value :)

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What’s with the slutty Hello Kitty? That’s not my Hello Kitty.

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Hello Kitty transcends images – she can be anything :)

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There’s some bloody cute games on here

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Tim Curry AGAIN???

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A video of kittens and Bjork’s song “It’s Oh So Quiet” and the You-Tube video called The Kitty Cat Dance. What can I say, I like cats.

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Dad tries to get baby to say that he is her favorite parent. I am trying to find it now.

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