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Will money have value if the world as we know it ends suddenly?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) May 15th, 2014 from iPhone

As asked.

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Money only has value to the extent the society using it agrees on it as a store of value. So no, it won’t.

Basic economics, which is the study of how goods and services are transacted between parties, will show that another means of transacting will take place, most likely some barter method until the society (and the society may be very small or very large) comes to consensus on a store of value.

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It would be worth the paper it was printed on and no more.

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You need a better description of “ends suddenly” as well as “as we know it”. If the world literally ends, then the question is pointless for those confined on it. If the world ends, doesn’t the money end with it?

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If the place explodes I doubt we’ll be rolling our change. I thought that might be a given.

Invasion, zombie apocalypse, viral epidemic, another plague, total loss of power indefinitely. A global event that means you could care less about going to work, setting an alarm, or doing anything other than figuring out what the hell your next move is. Is your next move going to grab all of your cash? Or gold? Or jewelry?

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The world as you know it ends every single planck time.

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Okay, disaster! Those who remain will establish the worth of essentials, and do so rather quickly. All currencies might very well become instantly worthless (which is why so many folks are busy hoarding gold) If there are groups of people left to interact, a medium (or several) of exchange will exist. Imagine bullets and cans of spinach “worth their weight in gold”. In a land with so much weaponry in the hands of civilians, every edible animal and plant—I need to go to work.

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No, foods and supplies will have greater value than money or gold.

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Unless another life out there values our money for some reason, then no. Especially not if the whole world actually ends.

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If the world ends suddenly you won’t need nothing. <smile>

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Food, water, oil, toilet paper and Ammo will have value.

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No. Value requires something that understands the concept value, and assigns the concept to things, products, services etc. If the world ends, such a thing will not longer exist. Thus money will be nothing but a molecular remnant of the death of a distant star in a distant time.

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You must mean cash money.

If the world as we know it ends, cash will be a valuable commodity as reusable/washable toilet paper.
You will be bartering artwork, pretty things, gold, cigarettes, jewelry, chocolates, alcohol, MREs if they are uncontaminated.

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Money doesn’t have value. Cultures do.

Money is simply one of many mediums that can represent the value of a particular culture.

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Current day coins and paper money? No value.

Gold has had value since the beginning of time, and probably always will, given it’s non-reactivity and beauty. There are more supplies in my house than can be consumed before expiration, so if someone was willing to give me a gold ring for a can of peaches, I’d take that bet.

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A pint of Vodka will be worth more than a $100 bill.

You might as well save your bills for ass wiping.

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We’ll be long gone before the world ends. When Man ends, money won’t help much.

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If the world is gone, you don’t need money – you’re probably dead.

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