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Do you find it very odd that no part of the missing Malaysian plane was ever found, anywhere?

Asked by jca (35976points) May 15th, 2014

No plane is going to crash into the ocean without breaking up into pieces. Seat cushions, luggage, bodies, huge metal pieces, etc., should all be washing up or drifting around in currents.

I realize that nobody has been searching lately. I also realize that this is old news and people have gone on to other, newer news. However, don’t you find it odd that there are no parts of that plane that have been found?

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Or maybe those supposedly-belonged-to-the-plane-but-then-proven-wrong parts were actually the plane’s? Who knows?

Not only do I find that fact odd, but also the nature of the crash and the investigation process. There were way too many things that could have been prevented, and I find it hard to believe that those trained people couldn’t do those. And “the pilot commited suicide without a clear reason and drove everyone into the sea” explanation is one of the vaguest ones I’ve known. If he wanted to commit suicide, why the hell did he drag all the innocent people along with him?

And the investigation process, there was evidence that could have been found in the first place but it took people a ridiculously long time to found out.

There has been something fishy since the beginning…

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It’s strange but it’s a big ocean. The motivations and cause of the disappearance are odd. Time will tell.

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It took until the 1980s to find the Titanic, and the Santa Maria might’ve just been found a couple days ago. The oceans are a lot bigger than we are.

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I still think it is at the US base in Diego Garcia

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Bodies/body parts would be devoured by sea life pretty quickly, and yes, it’s a big ocean.
It hasn’t been THAT long, some evidence may still surface.
It has been 5 days since a speed boat flipped and crashed going 100 mph in a nearby lake here, and the 4 men on it are still missing. The lake is about 80–100 feet deep and they are saying the bodies will surface eventually. This is a fresh water lake with no predatory fish.

A plane that either atomized on impact or plummeted to the bottom of the sea is not any different than all the various sunken ships over the centuries that never surfaced either.

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Nope. The pilot flew it slow at a very low altitude when the fuel was low, stalled the plane and landed it the water virtually undamaged. But cracks were created in the fuselage and it sank in one piece.

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Yes and this is why I think it is very odd no one has found debris from a jetliner that supposedly crashed in the ocean.

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I find it hard to believe. I think the plane would break up and there would be stuff everywhere, By this time, stuff would be washing up on the beaches of Australia (or wherever the current takes it in that area). A plane isn’t like a boat. The skin is very thin and the parts are flimsy. Even if it sunk intact, the pressure of the water at those depths would crush it into bits. Then the bits and stuff inside would float to the surface. I am beginning to think that something sinister is going on with it.

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@Skaggfacemutt: Yes, that’s what I think too. No plane is going to go in its entirety into the ocean from thousands of feet up, and not break up into pieces.

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It certainly is a mystery, we won’t know anything until we know.
@Skaggfacemutt “sinister”, haha, great word.

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I remain certain to this day that the United States has the capacity to review data from its network of satellites and trace every inch of the flight of the missing plane. The defense department for obvious reasons makes a business of tracking in real time any object traveling at the speed of a jet aircraft. There may be reasons that our government would prefer to keep this capability secret, but I have no doubt that Intelligence analysts can and almost certainly have the ability to trace every inch of the flight of an object the size of a commercial airliner on a trajectory of hundreds of miles and better than 6 hours in duration. Our government knows from its defense department as well as its intelligence agencies where the flight ended, and the fact that it has chosen not to at least leak the information to some obscure source is downright suspicious.

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