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What is your favorite place to eat and what city is it in?

Asked by Strong (103points) July 3rd, 2008


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The Happy Greek in Columbus, Ohio.

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happy Greek!

damn you jake

though, I did introduce you to the place

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The Food Shack in my hometown, Jupiter, FL (mmmm seafood)

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At this moment, because it always changes, it is Cafe Carolina in Encino CA

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Pagliaccis in my home town Victoria, BC Canada. You can never go wrong.

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Magnolia in Austin. Gingerbread pancakes after seeing the Dead Milkmen play live at Continental and it’s two hours after curfew, and I kissed a boy!! Ahhhh. I’m 15 years old again.

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Sara, you so did not!

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@del and @lefteh-that’s funny, there’s a pretty damn good cafe stop in CA on the way to Vegas called the Mad Greek (awesome gyros and kabobs)-I wonder if they’re related?!

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Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park, California.

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Crawdaddy’s in West Allis, Wisconsin. Crawdaddy’s for some fine creole.

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Ben Moore’s in Olympia, WA.
You MUST get pie.
Don’t try to talk to Mike when he’s cooking, he’ll
yell at you.

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Amazing place in Quito – Ecuador

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Pisa Pizza in Chattanooga TN. I used to go in there everyday. All the punk rock kids hangout and work there. They have $1.25 slices of cheese pizza that were huge and $1 pints of PBR. I could go in there and spend $10 and leave feeling full and pretty buzzed.

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this is such a good question; i’m coming back to this thread if i ever go to these places.

when you say favorite place to eat, do you mean the place that you find yourself always going to with friends & having a great time, or the place where you had that AMAZING meal that one time on your birthday?

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Both are good answers. It’s in the name of finding good food everywhere!

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If Dev did it still traces back to me!


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Dammit. Fine.

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@supernut… Ever try Hugo’s in Studio City?

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okay then. the ballfields on weekends in red hook, brooklyn, new york. i have not had better latin american food in this country.

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@tinyfaery, I haven’t, is it as good as Follow Your Heart?

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Its more “upscale”, but it offers everything from vegan cuisine to free range and organic meats, coffees, teas, desserts, etc. Its moderately priced. Try it!

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Thousand Oaks, CA – Lupes

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In Athens, GA there are two fabulous places:
1. Mama’s Boy (fine Southern cuisine)
2. Callientitos (the third incarnation, from this owner, of Cuban food with great atmosphere)

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