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The Nigerian Rebels have offered to swap the kidnapped school girls for imprisoned militants. What should the Nigerian President do?

Asked by Crazydawg (1268points) May 16th, 2014

As asked.

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If they do the swap there will be more of them to just turn around and steal the girls again. That’s a tough situation. They should do the swap and ideally then go in and take care of the problem. I doubt it’s that easy though. This is probably not going to end well.

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He should surgically insert bombs into the prisoners, and detonate them as soon as the swap is concluded.

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If he negotiates with terrorists, they’ll just do this again every time there’s a prisoner that they want released.

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Rewarding terror leads to more terror.

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I would make the swap. From there you could just drone the shit out of them once the girls are safe.

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@johnpowell Exactly!! RFDI Chip the inmates and take them all out.

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