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Why am I getting emails for job opportunities not related to my background?

Asked by Paradox25 (10174points) May 16th, 2014

I’d decided to make my resume public again on three different career/job websites in hopes of landing employment in my field again. I’ve received a few responses from banking and insurance companies for management and sales positions, though my background is mostly mechanical and electrical, and I have no management, banking or sales experience. I’ve even received emails from recruiters asking me if I’d be interested in being a warehouse manager.

Are these messages simply automated, or are these recruiters that desperate?

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Not desperate. They just get paid if you take the job so they try everyone and use the throwing shit at the wall method. You would think the people hiring the people to help hire would have cuaght on by now. But they haven’t.

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I didn’t know they operated like that. Here I was actually considering a career change.

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Automated spam. They are hoping you are that desperate.

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Don’t shortchange yourself. If you have an education, regardless of the field, you are often considered for a management position.
I have a friend who has a BS in Forestry, and that took him to be a Deputy Chief of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center.
Not joking

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@filmfann I’m a blue-collar craftsman by trade. I’m about as far from being a banking manager that one can get.

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