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If life functioned the same way as Photoshop...?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14775points) May 17th, 2014

What would happen? Would life be better for you? Could you change anything? What else?

Just imagine life functioned the same way as Photoshop, and tell your ideas. Anything!

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If you could use this for transportation I’d cut/paste myself to where I want to go!

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I would make people teeny tiny and then smoosh them if they displease me

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I shudder to imagine @ragingloli’s answer to this.

I see reality turning into a huge contest of competing graffiti artists, each trying to “tag” a certain thing, only to have someone else edit it to their liking. I see plenty of large breasts, flying cars, and people riding T-rexes. I also see utter chaos as everyone who wants to impose their reality on others has the means to do so.

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I’d have to spend all my time referring to the Help guide to know how to live.

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It already does. Human society is already all about appearance and superficiality.

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Hmmm, when relationships really soured, you could take that person out of your life completely, and replace with more background.

And you’d get the best part of everyone, when they are smiling, and make it seem as if everyone is smiling when they are around you!

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…then all personal relationships would be cloud based.

oh wait

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If life could be photoshopped, I would definately incorporate more peace and bliss. Sometimes it gets really rocky and hard to handle.
But only if that could happen..

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I’m just glad the people around me can’t Instagram my surroundings. <shudder>

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Then I’d have a drakkar.

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I’d thin out the responsibilities a bit and add a little more to the top of the bank balance and enjoyment area.

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