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Why did he block me from everything after he left?

Asked by marksonos (298points) May 17th, 2014

I spent the night with this guy, (no we didn’t have sex, just other things and talked a lot). I was sure he liked me! Then in the morning when he left, a couple of hours later he blocked me from all social media and also changed this twitter picture and added a new one (which happens rarely). I had accidentally unfollowed him from twitter and followed back this morning, then he blocked me.

I can’t contact him at all, so I asked my friend to text him as if its me and talk but he isn’t replying to that either. I am leaving the country in 3 days and i’ll be back a few months later. I just don’t think this would be the reason why he’d act this way though since everything was just alright.

Is it simply because he just doesn’t want me? Why wouldn’t he just answer saying so then!

I am losing my head, this is quite confusing and I feel insecure even though I don’t think anything went wrong.

Any clues?

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Why feel insecure? You can’t win them all. Move on.

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@GloPro Without a notice? Everyone deserves a reason why they’re rejected this harshly without clue!

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It is a bad way to treat someone, but since he has, you now know he is not worthy of your time, worry or attention.
There is no way to know why he acted this way.

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All I can think of is that he overreacted to being dropped from twitter. Were you able to send him a message through your friend? If you were and there is no response then you have to let it go.

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@marksonos “Without a notice? Everyone deserves a reason why they’re rejected this harshly without clue!”

From his point of view, you rejected him harshly without clue, by unfollowing him on twitter. Then by re-following him, you showed that you couldn’t make up your mind about it.

Of course, that’s not what really happened, but people do tend to overreact where other people’s social media networking decisions are concerned. You just learned that he’s someone who takes an unfollow on twitter so seriously that he’ll refuse all future communication from that person. You don’t need this. Leave it be.

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You are leaving me very confused, also.

This guy?
This guy?
This guy?

Have you resolved your feelings about your first modeling job that was also your first nude modeling job two days ago? Here

Maybe you need to take a breather from dating.

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@marksonos If it were me I would not continue to chase something I cannot control. That includes wondering what you did wrong. His actions, regardless of motivation, are pretty clear.
Side note… If you are looking for a serious relationship you should go home at night. I am not judging, because unlike you, I’ll sleep with them on the first date if I want to and not think twice. I will not send mixed signals, however. Spending the night and leading a guy on that way may be what is turning men off. It is also more of a turn on to go home after dinner if you want to remain on his mind. If I really want to keep someone’s attention I don’t sleep with them or spend the night. Your tactics are different, obviously, but if you are curious as to what may have gone wrong it could be that.

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@GloPro You are right. I have a lot to learn. This sucks!

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I’m confused too. You’ve mentioned several guys – or the same guys several times – in the time you’ve been here. You seem to be getting way too invested way too fast. Lighten up on the dates and the obsessing about texting and not texting and enjoy your time away.

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I had accidentally unfollowed him from twitter”

Accidentally hahaha

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He probably has a girlfriend he didn’t tell you about. That is the best reason for why he’d block you. He doesn’t want her to find out.

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These questions always leave me baffled about the soap opera aspects of single life. Why is it always the girls who ask the “does he love me” , “what did I do wrong” questions? Objectively, I know full well that my annoyance at the questions is no more rational than the desperate nature of the inquiries themselves. Put it this way. If this romantic setback is the BIG problem in your life, you are a rather fortunate woman.

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So wait, let me get this straight: you went to this guy’s place. did you have any form of sex, or none at all?

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You sure get around, don’t you?

Leave this guy alone. Onto the next…

Yes, you do have a lot to learn. Don’t act easy and guys won’t treat you like you’re easy.

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Yup. I think that’s my main problem – i am a tease. I need to learn how to control my behaviors and be less selfish and play less games.

But regardless, he acted perfectly fine with me and then when he’s gone he cut it all off brutally. That’s still low.

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@marksonos What difference does it make? You clearly have no problem finding guys to hook up with. Was this guy special in some way? I doubt it. Like I said, act cheap and you’ll get treated that way. It wasn’t the nicest way to drop you, but he doesn’t owe you an explanation. Move on.

I sure hope you’re over 18.

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“Everyone deserves a reason why they’re rejected…”
No they don’t. The first few dates are basically a vetting process where each person is deciding if it’s worth it to continue to spend time in developing this relationship. Obviously he decided he’s finished. For whatever reason it’s clear that that’s how he feels. That’s his right. He didn’t do any harm to you. He simply decided he wanted no further contact and made it crystal clear. What difference does it make why he decided this?

Of course it would be polite if an explanation is offered, but it’s not owed to you. Guys drop girls abruptly all the time and life goes on.

That’s a large part of your problem right there. Why would you want to hang on to someone who treats you like that. Just let him go and good riddance.

One thing that guys hate the most is this quality of excessive clinginess. They feel smothered by it and just want to wash their hands of it altogether.

The only type of guys who find this all consuming dependence attractive are abusers because it feeds their narcissism and need to control. That’s not the type of guy you want in your life.

Just drop it and move on already.

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He’s Just Not That Into You: The No Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys.

by Greg Behrendt

Buy this book and read it from cover to cover as many times as necessary whenever you feel the overwhelming urge to obsess over some loser who rejected you or is keeping you hanging.

It will do wonders for your self esteem and save you countless hours of wasted obsession over the guys who are not destined to be in your life for whatever reason.

There’s also a movie by the same name but it’s a bunch of crap so don’t waste your time on it. Hollywood got a hold of it and the author lost control.

But the book is a gold mine of wisdom for which you’ll be so glad you spent the little bit of money and time invested. The guy is totally frank and honest and I wish every woman would read it.

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I have not yet read what anyone else has posted yet, will do so after posting.

This guy probably considered you to be a one night stand. Neither of you knew each other before and he simply isn’t interested in you, other than enjoying a one night stand.

Maybe he’s married or involved with someone else, whom he deliberately failed to mention to you (because he wanted to get some extra action from you and not get caught).

Maybe he liked you at first and then realized that he really didn’t have any feelings for you, but didn’t have the balls decency to tell you that face to face.

Maybe his wife/girlfriend/family found out that he had a one night stand with you and threatened to cut him out of their life/lifes if he didn’t drop you, immediately.

Maybe he found out that you had nude pictures taken of yourself and didn’t want to be associated with that/you.

Maybe his significant other found out about the nude pictures and pitched a fit.

Maybe the significant other of the dude you gave the hand job to (is this the guy who blocked you?) pitched a fit.

I’m pretty sure you know exactly why he blocked you.

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Ah – I just had an insight. When you say you didn’t “have sex” with someone, do you mean you didn’t have intercourse? In my dinosauric mind, blow jobs, hand jobs and oral sex are all having sex as well; just not intercourse.

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It seems as if you have many first dates but very few second dates.

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Hey guys, so it turns out I was a rebound. I don’t know what exactly went on with the previous girl, but he didn’t tell me anything of her. i found out recently that he was seeing a girl for a couple of months and the DAY we hungout he blocked her also from instagram. I have some mutual friends with the girl so this is what people have told me. Is it normal to feel worse after hearing this? The fact that I was a rebound and when he was with me he still loved the previous girl, thought about her when he kissed me etc.

I have done this in the past but it never worked. It always made me feel so much worse. Too bad that I didn’t know about all this… it hurts.

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Is it normal to feel hurt when you get used? Of course.

But that doesn’t change any of the above advice. If it wasn’t you it would have been another girl. You, by your current methods, are getting used regularly. If it hurts you, stop it. Some girls are on the same page as the guy and don’t get hurt. It doesn’t look like you are in that category. I re-assert that you should choose better activities for your first dates if you are either confused or hurt.

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