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Cool things to do in Seattle?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) July 3rd, 2008

I’m going for work and will only have a few hours of free time. My hotel is downtown. I think I’ll be close to the space needle and some market people keep mentioning. I’ve never been there. I’ll probably have a few free hours during the day, so daytime, brief activities are best. I also love food so any good food recommendations in or near downtown also appreciated! I’m sad it will be so brief!

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Pike Place Market…yes go! The Waterfront is nice also. To eat…The Pink Door on Post Alley or I love Typhoon (Thai food). All of these places are within walking distance of each other except I am not sure where Typhoon is.

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What is Pike Place Market? I know I can look it up but its more fun to learn from you guys!

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If you can swing it, take a ferry ride. Or ride the ducks to get an excellent overview of many city landmarks (and get on the water).

If you love books or independent bookstores, go to Elliot Bay Book Co

If you want to learn about Seattle’s history, take the underground tour.

Go to Pike Place Mkt and watch the fish guys. Matt’s in the Market is another good place to eat.

Art lover? Seattle Art Museum

Stroll along the water? Myrtle Edwards Park

Super Wal Mart Asian style? Check out Uwajimaya (site may be down)

Listen to some jazz at one of the bars in Pioneer Square

There’s still a lot more you could do.

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when you go to the pink door get the lasagna…when you go to thaiphoon get the pine cone fish

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I second the underground tour. It’s quite fascinating. We took it when it was reaching 100 to escape the heat.

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I second kevbo on the ferry ride. My favorite is the Bremerton ferry run. It is long (about an hour), but views of the mountains and the evergreen-covered Northwest slopes are great and coming back it has an incredible view of the city skyline.

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Go have coffee in a coffee shop. You are in Seattle after all. I like Tully’s because they have free wifi, but there are lots of choices downtown.

The Pike Place Market is a giant farmer’s market (with a kind of craft and flea market attached) and this time of year it is filled with fresh and gorgeous stuff. If you are into cooking hit Sur La Table, a great store for gadgets.

Near there another fine place to eat is Cafe Campagne the casual part of a great upscale Seattle restaurant.

Eat some copper river salmon if they are still running and in July the Walla Walla onions should be coming into season. Plus, the local berries, especially raspberries, are unmatched this time of year.

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I agree with Marina about Tully’s…great coffee. I say take the ferry ride to Vashon Island (very artsy) or Whidbey Island.

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Skip going up in the space needle

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i dont think i’ll go in the space needle because i hate lines, but id like to see the outside of it just because its an icon….

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I believe you can get a great view of it from the suggested ferry ride. I took a cruise ship out of the port there and it was clearly behind us, while in port and the ferry was crossing right beside us. Someone from the area can confirm this, I’m sure.

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You won’t have to make an effort to see the Space Needle. It’s omnipresent. Oh, and there’s much better coffee to be had than Tully’s. Try one of thousands of great local, independent coffee shops and skip the chains.

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@Tone I agree about the independents, but how does someone from out of town know if it’s a good one or not?

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I have to agree….Pike Place Market. It is great.

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I agree….no visit is complete without a trip to Pike Place Market. How about the Space Needle? They have an observation deck so you can see for miles. Or if your into history you can do “Underground Seattle”. That’s really cool. A fun place to eat on the waterfront is Ivar’s Acres of Clams. If you like seafood. The Seattle Aquarium is on the waterfront too. Or take a ride on the monorail. That’s always fun.

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Definitely Pike Place Market. Especially if you love food. There are all kinds of places to eat and all kinds of cuisines, from seafood to Russian food to giant cookies! And many of the produce stands give out free samples of fruit, veggies, homemade honey, and more. You don’t have to go on a ferry to see the Space Needle. You can see it from all over the place! You can stand a block away from it and get a great photo, or even stand in front of it and get a photo looking up. There shouldn’t be any lines, but it does cost money to go up to the top. For more ideas check out Seattle Fun .

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This is way too late, but I just found a great link on this topic:

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Probably again way too late but I love this site:

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