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Did you come for the questions but stay for the PMs?

Asked by janbb (51316points) May 17th, 2014

Some days on here the private back and forths with Jellies who are now friends have become much more critical in my staying around than the questions being asked. How about you?

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Yes, the friends I’ve made here is the reason I can’t leave.

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Often. I just sent a jelly a packet of my great-grandfather’s amaryllis bulbs’ progeny due to some PMs.

Tonight has produced several delightful tidbits also..

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@ragingloli You mean you don’t get pre-menstrual syndrome here?

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I’m here for the entertainment, fun and learning. PM’s are fun too, but the frosting on the Fluther cake. I do enjoy a handful of PM pals. :-)

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Yes. I love PM. There is a certain jelly whom I really love to PM back and forth and they always PM me back with enthusiasm. I can ask for their help, seek for comfort in bad time or just chit-chat around :)

But the PMs aren’t the only things that keep me here. Like @Coloma said, fun, entertainment and learning are also what keep me here.

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I rarely to never get PMs, which makes me sad.

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Not really. Most relationships don’t come to a satisfying enough fruition and Fluther pulls enough attention from my IRL relationships. I’m mostly here to explore and articulate ideas.

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I don’t PM much, Most of the interactions that i enjoy, that keep me here, happen in question threads.

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Before I disappeared from here, I enjoyed PMing people, but now that I’m back, I see that most of the people I did PM are mostly gone, as well – but still keep in touch, at least a little bit – on other websites, like twitter. I loved fluther, all around, when I first discovered it.

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I absolutely fear getting a PM. When I see that I have one I usually get drunk before opening it since most are pretty negative. Sometimes I will right click on the link to open in a new tab and then close the tab without viewing so the notification goes away.

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I’m the opposite. I like getting Pms but I rarely get any. I always respond.

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I rarely recieve PM’s. It’s unfortunate.

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@cookieman I’ll PM you :D

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No, seems pretty needy to me.
PM’s are just a thing, as are the questions, it’s a Q&A site not fucking facebook.
Oh & before anyone whines, I stay because it’s fun, just don’t obsess over it.

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PMs rarely happen in my world. If I get an email notification I get really excited just to be saddened when it’s spam 99% of the time.

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Very rarely do I pm someone or receive a pm. Maybe one back and forth every two to three weeks.

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