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This is for people that get tattoos , did you think about how it would affect you in the future?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (12938points) May 17th, 2014

When you got your tattoo did you think of how it would look or affect your life say in 10, 20, or more years from now?
I was just wondering, might not look so good going to an important meeting with (FUCK THE WORLD) on your shoulder or a skull tattooed on your neck, not trying to start any fights just want to know was it just something in the heat of the moment or was it well thought out?

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And no I do not have any tattoos , and no I do not want to get any.

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I thought my tattoo through very well and for a long time. In terms of whether or not people can see it, that’s not an issue as it’s on my lower abdomen. So unless I’m in a bathing suit, people pretty much can’t see it, so it won’t be a determining factor in, say, getting a job.

That said, ultimately, we have one life to live and I happen to enjoy well done, thoughtful tattoos. It’s my body, so what other people think about it isn’t my concern – which I don’t think is rude. I might change my tone a bit in the cases of people who have extremely crude tattoos in visible places (extreme violence, sexual depictions or hateful imagery) – but even then… ultimately it’s the individual’s right to get whatever tattoo they want, wherever they want to get it.

When it comes to aging, again, that doesn’t bother me. I’m going to be old and wrinkly someday anyway, so I’m not really going to care what my tattoo looks like by that point. I may as well enjoy life now, while I can.

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I am 54.5 and have a little black cat tattooed on my tight hip from way back when in the 70’s, and a pretty little cluster of small, purple, morning glories and a vine that forms a semi-anklet on my right ankle. Both easily concealed and I love my anklet. I wouldn’t go for the major tats younger peeps are dong but mine have/had, zero effect on my life.

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Correction” right hip not tight hip. My hips used to be tighter. lol

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Darn, I kinda liked tight hip better than right hip!

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Tattoos define you. Whatever it may be, they somehow represent where you come from and what are your perceptions about your life. So getting a tattoo should be a well thought out process. Otherwise you’ll regret it and people will call it a taboo.
I am thinking of getting a tattoo of something very personal on my body. It will mean a lot to me once it’s done.

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I did. My tattoos are both symbols that are very personally significant to me and will be still by the time I’m 80.

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I’m pretty sure most people with tattoos don’t have “fuck the world” on their shoulder or a skull on their neck. Where are you looking at people’s tattoos? Prison?

I have one tattoo and I plan to get another. Mine is only visible to others if I want it to be, such as in a bikini. You’d never know I have one otherwise. Did I think about how it would look when I’m old? I’m pretty sure, if my tattoo looks bad due to wrinkles, the skin would look bad with or without it there. I’m not too concerned about marring my wrinkles. I also don’t think I’ll be wearing a bikini at that point.

I’ll never understand staunch anti-tattoo people. I mean, I think plenty of people overdo it on tattoos, but it’s not my body, so why the hell would I care what they do with it? It just boggles my mind that people are so concerned with what others do with their own damn bodies. Don’t like tattoos? Don’t get one. Simple.

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@livelaughlove21 “I’m pretty sure most people with tattoos don’t have ‘fuck the world’ on their shoulder or a skull on their neck.” The only reason the OP said that is because he’s not trying to start any fights. ;-)

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I didn’t answer exactly, so as to whim vs. well thought out, here is my answer to that part of the question.
My first tattoo at age 21 was a spur of the moment, drunken party night in downtown San Diego where a few of us went into a tattoo parlor on a whim and I choose my little black and white kitty, walking towards you with crossed paws and his tail curled up over his back. Cute and well done and I am a cat lover.
My anklet , as @downtide mentioned, was well thought out, of a personal nature and I had it done at age 44, 23 years after the first one.
I added a vine to the flowers about 6 months after the original, so, technically I have 3 tattoos. haha
It represented my unfoldings in life and is also my favorite flower, morning glories.

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I have chosen not to tattoo certain areas of my body because of the potential effect on my future. I have several, though, so I don’t think tattoos in general will have an impact.

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