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Where is good jazz in los angeles?

Asked by judyprays (1307points) July 3rd, 2008

jazz bakery draws decent names but the atmosphere isn’t intimate enough. liemert park is inconvenient and, while authentic and cool, i’m looking for something a little more cutting edge and technically proficient. charlie os is a joke. catalinas is a different worse, joke. i went to the mint once and was disappointed, though i’ve heard good things…

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Two things you can look into:

The L.A. Weekly online (and print) publication has a list of clubs and events by genre;

There’s a club in Pasadena relatively new, called Red, White, and Blues (redwhite+bluezz) that has some good lineups especially during summer months.

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i saw chic corea there and the waitresses were were doing their thing in THE MIDDLE of the song.

they get some of the best names in la, probably, but i despise the venue.

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Defintely check out LACMA then, every friday (in the Summer) we have jazz from 5pm – 8pm, (free) and then Latin Jazz on Saturdays 6pm – 8pm (also free).
Got food and drinks too if you like, plus since its at the museum you can check out the art too (also free after 5pm). For example, tonight we had Rickey Woodard on sax in a sextet. (hes played with the Ray Charles band, along with others like frank sanatra and benny carter. hope this helps!

(heres the website)

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