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How many of you male creatures use the smell test to decide which pieces of clothing are good to wear for the day?

Asked by ragingloli (41464points) May 18th, 2014

And if you do, and you do, what is the threshold at which you toss it?

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I pretty much stopped doing that my second year of college, 40 years ago. Even though I shower once or twice a day, and use deodorant, I don’t wear shirts, underwear, or socks more than once without washing.

The exception is pants. But my pants don’t accumulate odor before I wash them again. I’ll wear them three or four times before washing them again. Unless I have been on an airplane. Whatever pants I wear on an airplane get washed right away.

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Smell test? Not for me. I have a lousy sense of smell.

I use the wrinkle test.

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Whose nose? The wearer’s or the person in close proximity to the wearer?

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I’ll cop to this, but only for things I wear an undergarment under. Sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans, shorts and pants. I shower at least once a day, wear deodorant, and never wear any of those garments without underwear or a t-shirt. If I should go without underwear/T, then the garment would be wear and wash.

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Why male? I do it.

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We all have noses and the sense of smell for a reason. It is to be used in order to navigate our world safely. Of course I do the smell test. It is foolish not to. I’ve got a keen sense of smell. Even if the shirt is fresh from the laundry I give it the sniff test. It I detect any foul smell at all I don’t ear it.

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When the tie can no longer hide the stains and the pants stand up in the corner all by themselves, time to do a load of laundry.

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I mean, fuck, I do this.

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I definitely wear things more than once before washing. It’s a waste of water and money to wash clothes after just one wear. As far as determining if it is suitable to be worn again, the decision is too subjective to explain.

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I do that, but only if I’m unsure about something having been washed (sometimes I have a tendency to leave clothes lying around my room). If I detect any kind of “worn” smell, then I will throw it in the wash and pick something else.

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I use the smell test. If it smells I wash it.

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This question. LMAO!
My ex used to do that, smell his shirts. WTF!

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I do it for weekend wear, it it’s something I had thrown on for an hour or two after work during the week.

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