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Is online dating still considered embarrassing?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) July 3rd, 2008
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I think it totally depends on the site and the listener.

Obviously craigslist is more embarrassing then

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i’d have to disagree. i think craigslist is the most badass.

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People used to be afraid of the internet because all the information they got about it was from Dateline.

The reality of the situation is that it’s not just another convenient way to communicate. I’d say its far from embarrassing. More like completely normal.

If you ask me, meeting people at a bar is what’s embarrassing.

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I think much of the stigma has gone away. Who cares as long as you are careful in how you get to know someone? You would need to exercise that same care if you met a guy in a bar anyway.

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I agree with Marina. There is still somewhat of a stigma, though, in that I don’t think telling people you met on the internet has quite the same effect of a cool story. If you know what I mean. Logically, however, it makes so much more sense to meet someone online than in a bar. I know I have never even come close to meeting anyone I’d like to date in a bar. On the other hand, most of my girlfriends I met on the internet.

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I’m in my mid twenties and 10 years ago I’d meet up with peopole from the Internet. Chatrooms, exchange pictures and info, have a private chat and if you clicked exchanged phone numbers, meet somewhere public and if it happens then it does.

Nowadays there are more sites that are targeting single people to find the person of their dreams which is possible because I know a few people from my internet days that hooked up and got married so yes possible.

Embarrassing? Who cares if your happy.

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I met my current SO online 6 years ago, and I’m not the least bit embarrassed by that. Why would anyone be embarrassed by how they met?

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I met my beau online… and I found that I prefer online dating to going to bars and such. Meeting online and getting to know the person via email and instant messenger allows you to focus on character rather than getting swept up in the physical infatuation that has caused me to ignore ‘red flags’ on more than one occasion.

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embarrassing? of course not。

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depends…how old are you? because depending on how old you are….people will either take it less or more seriously…if youre like 12 and are in love with your boyfriend who lives in greenland who does modeling in his spare time and likes to hunt dragons…well….yeah lol

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@jamzzy how did you know?

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my cousin used to do it all the time when he was like 12 and my family would always talk shit to him. it wasnt very nice but it was all just to tease him..but my uncle who is 35 just started dating someone and my family loves this girl… even though they only use video messaging…

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if you are looking for a long term relationship I would recommend e Harmony. If you want to get laid I’d go with match.
I have done both- actually married my wife that I met on eHarmony. Scary how compatible we are, she could easily pass for my sister, graduated from same collage, same degree, a thousand other little things like that- crazy!!

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Today is far a more busy place than in the past. Using the Internet is equal to the bar hopping of the 70s ands 80s only you don’t run up a bar tab in the 100s, have to stay out all night, or have a hangover in the morning. The world is also a more global place where you can meet someone from across the nation or in another nation and fly, boat, or take a train to see them. Many people travel a lot for business making the trip double duty. Factor in you can find out way more about the person in 5 minutes of reading their bio than 45 minutes at a bar chatting it up. You can get to the crux if the biscuit without having to come off like an interrogator. It just speed things up. Most people today see that. There was a time where most of your women contacted by mail were women who would marry anyone basically to come to America, your “mail order brides” because they were less picky than Yankee gals, the thought was only losers who could not go to a bar and pick up a girl had to resort to that. But times have changed and people seek to use the most efficient way to meet quality people. Why not?

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