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If you were creating a feast for one of your fellow Jellies, which Jelly would you choose and what dishes would you prepare?

Asked by Kardamom (32106points) May 18th, 2014

Pictures and recipes would be helpful. If you feel up to it, you can also add the details of venue, invited guests, musical selections or whatever else you would like to provide for this Jelly’s party.

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Hm. I would prepare a bunch of magic brownies for Coloma, and be sure to have my fridge and cabinets stocked with munchies that she can choose from later.

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I would prepare a feast for Milo:

Tuna tartare

Followed by
Sardines a la Greque

and Pamplemouse to finish.

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@janbb that kitty is going to be one lucky fellow.

@Dutchess_III Wonder what kinda snacks @Coloma likes to snack on after a brownie session? Do you think she’s a Cheetos and YooHoo kinda gal, or maybe she likes to grub on jelly-filled donuts?

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M….tacos. Yes. I will have 57 tacos on standby for her.

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Has somebody already made bob_ a sandwich?

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I would make my home made enchiladas for @Kardamom because she has the most extensive knowledge of recipes on Fluther….

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@zenvelo Thank you, thank you! I love enchiladas!

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I can’t pick just one jelly, there would be at least 5 or 6. I like @Dutchess_III entree of Happy Brownies. I would then prepare champagne cocktails with fresh raspberries, an amazing cheese and fruit tray with delicious breads and crackers and about 5 varieties of olives. From there…we’d have to order take out because we’d be too crocked to cook. lol
Party, party!

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I want Quiche too! :-D

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@Coloma Yes, quiche, with broccoli and cheese and mushrooms.

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Quiche Kardamom and Quiche Coloma. Let’s get busy. haha

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“Too crocked to cook!” Another great one!

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@Dutchess_III That should be a sign for the kitchen. lol

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Symbeline, Ragingloli and I would probably eat some humans. Raw.

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I would get all my canned goods out and check their expiration date and heat everything up that was close to expiring for @luckyguy as he hates to waste any food.

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@AshLeigh While the humans are still alive, too. I love when my food screams at me.

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@Symbeline, Very raw. Noted.

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@chyna And the twelve year old dried beans too, right?

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@janbb Especially if they’re the dried beans that you use over and over again to par cook Pie Crusts

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@janbb Will bring the fish. A bucket of fish and a bucket of wine. haha

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I would make a feast of whatever he wanted for Adirondackwannabe. He recently made a heroic effort to help me through an emotional issue. While he has his meal request fulfilled, I will be eating a slice of humble pie.

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For @Ashley:
Baked potatoes and baked chicken.
Curried Shark and pidgeon peas.
Vegetable Salad and Fruit Cocktail.
Chocolate cake with vanilla sprinkles and a cherry.
Strawberry ice-cream
Bottle of Hennesy
Cranberry Juice.
X-Box with all the latest games on smart screen t.v
Laptop computer loaded and has the Fluther page loaded.
A music C.D with Sade playing in the background
An alternate CD with soca music
An alternate CD with rock music (the scorpions)

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I’ll prepare a bucket of beers for @Coloma, a carton of cookies and one liter of milk for @cookieman, fried cheese for @ibstubro, a bag of M&M chocolate for @Jonesn4burgers, and raw meat for @AshLeigh and @Symbeline.

And @Adirondackwannabe, I’ll get him some of my country’s traditional food! That way he won’t have to pay for that Adirondack something restaurant :)

@tedibear @Adirondackwannabe helped me through my emotional issue and a scandal I landed onto here too. He’s a real gentleman I must say :p

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@Mimishu1995 Yes, our @Adirondackwannabe is a Fluther treasure. Still dreaming up his feast.

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Dinner is served:
3 Moosehead ale
1 bowl of cabbage wedges and peanut dressing
1 half baked chicken breast
7 chocolate mint wafers. lol

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Uh…make that one half OF a baked chicken breast, not half baked. lolol
I think I’ll have another beer. haha

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@Mimishu1995 Thank You! Mmmmm!

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For @luckyguy, I’d have brie and some peaches. Maybe some of the crackers he was writing about recently. Maybe some locally sourced foods from his neck of the woods.

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Oh man! Peaches, Brie, and old, expired food! It sounds heavenly!
I’m packing my car right now!

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And I promise to eat Every Bit Of It !

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@LuckyGuy He’s packing his car with his two year old bottled water.

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@janbb Shhh… Nobody can tell.
By the way, the 12 year old lentils are almost all gone. If you recall, I cooked them and split the pot full into several meal sized bags bags and put them in the freezer. I have been slowly eating them. There is only one bag left.

Now I’m going to be thinking about eating peaches all day!
“Moving to the country, gonna’ eat a lot of peaches… ...gonna eat me a lot of peaches” Mphffph

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