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Are there any foods that you generally hate or dislike, that which you have finally found a recipe or a dish, featuring the offending item, that you really enjoy?

Asked by Kardamom (28262points) May 18th, 2014

For me it’s eggplant, but I have found 3 preparations that have made me take another look, or rather, bite.

The first one is a Middle Eastern dish called Makdous, which is preserved baby eggplants stuffed with walnuts. It looks like cadaver testicles, but it tastes marvelous.

The second one is Bharta a spicy Indian eggplant curry.

And the third one is Brinjal Pickle, a sweet and sour Indian condiment.

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I didn’t like salmon or eggs before this year. Picky eater, I know! But since living with my roommate I have become a huge fan of both, because he showed me new ways to eat them. The key to eggs for me turned out to be lots and lots of cheese, and sometimes hot sauce. And for salmon, turns out I like it if you char it a little and slather with some mustard sauce. Yummm. I’m hungry.

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I’m bad about trying new foods. Really bad. Then one day my daughter in law offered me a jalapeno popper. I’m not a huge bacon fan. It’s so fattening. I would never add bacon to a hamburger or anything like that. I’m also not a huge fan of peppers, especially hot ones. But I love, love cream cheese so I was willing to try one after my husband assured me they weren’t hot.
I was lost from that moment on. I could eat a year’s worth of bacon in one sitting of eating jalapeno poppers.

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I made that delicious brussels sprout salad that you recommended last year. It’s a weekend staple!

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@Dutchess_III You might like this Jalapeno Popper Dip

@rockfan Yeah, isn’t that Brussels sprouts salad delish? I’ve made it multiple times. I haven’t yet taken it to a family potluck yet, just because of the timing, but I plan to take it to the next one. Luckily most of my family is pretty adventurous and would probably like it too.

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No, cause it would be hot @Kardamom. When my husband makes them he’s very careful to get all the seeds out, because it’s the seeds that make it hot. Also, I love the way the different textures and flavors work together and just kind of explode!

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I don’t like avocado. However, my husband made some kind of steak topping/salsa/fruit thing that included avocado and it was delicious.

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Do you think you might like this too? I tried it last week, and it tasted really good. The amount of lemon juice in the recipe is a typo, two teaspoons of lemon juice is good enough.

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@rockfan Oh boy! That looks good!

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@rockfan – I would be willing to try it. But I would have a peanut butter sandwich nearby just in case!!!

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I had an intense dislike for sweet potatoes most of my life, but I wasn’t much on sweets, except for breakfast.

Then I discovered that I like sweet potato pie much better than pumpkin. That let me to try the delicious concoction of sweet potatoes, butter, brown sugar and pecans. Heaven! But I still eat it only as a dessert or stand-alone. Not with savory items.

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This is from your other question:

With sauteed onions, bacon and made by hand not outta the can gravy. That’s for beef liver.
Chicken livers get my especial roux/white gravy bechamel sauce!

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I can’t stand the taste of peas but I love pea soup.

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@Pachy That’s funny, peas do taste very different from pea soup, and it just now occurred to me.

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I avoided brussel sprouts until some said cut them up and roast or saute them with salt.

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Brussel Sprouts with cheese melted over them little things…Or basted with garlic butter!

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