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Do I add time travel to my age when filling out a census?

Asked by talljasperman (21708points) May 18th, 2014

That being an opporiunty to be belived.

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I honestly can’t make out what you’re trying to ask here. Could you clarify a bit?

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@Darth_Algar If I lived extra years in another time line do I add it to my age? I am older than 51 googleplex years old from reliving the same time line over and over. How can I get reconized for the trouble that I have gone though?

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Uhhh…..that’s probably a bit beyond the scope of the census. I’d say for census purposes just fill out your actual normal terrestrial age.

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I’m afraid that if you want to recognize your age in googleplexes you’ll have to fill out a census every time you relive the line, add up the total years, and keep track for yourself. I don’t believe the census has mechanisms in place to keep track of living multiple timelines, that would be much too onerous.

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No, because you’ve never actually traveled through time. Don’t forget, your claims have been consistently disproved. The census doesn’t care about your fantasies. And even if they weren’t fantasies, the question is how long you’ve been here.

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Of course you should. The census people are lucky you decided to fill in their questionnaire at all. And of course you have traveled through time. We all do it, just most have their noses so close to the ground as they kowtow to their faulty premises.
You might also attempt to add up all the different ages you are in alternate timelines and different dimensions in which you exist. .

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I’ve traveled through time. I just happen to do it one second at a time, and only in a forward direction.

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No, because the census is concerned with your physical age. If time travel includes you physical body, you might reconsider.
It wouldn’t matter if you are in very good shape, or if you had a rapid aging disease.

as for me, I have the body of a 20 year old, and I hope my wife never finds out

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The Pan-Galactic treaties specify that only moments accrued in the same continuum are to be included in any measure of elapsed time. You can include your other experiences in an adjunct accounting if needed.
So, no, do not include your time travel in you measure of age in this continuum.

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Time travel has been illegal within the territory of the Trans-Galactic Dominion since time travel was discovered. The penalty is death.
Unless you want to be executed, you better keep that to yourself.

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@Dan_Lyons Of course we all travel through time in the sense that we are all moving forward through it at the same pace. But that’s not what @talljasperman is talking about when he claims to have traveled through time. He is using the term in the colloquial sense to refer to moving backwards and forwards, sometimes at an accelerated rate. He has also made claims about being able to change history and predict the future. These are very simple claims to verify, but he has consistently failed to do so when asked despite expressing an interest in proving his case to us. The reasonable conclusion is obvious to anyone who isn’t desperate to be a contrarian.

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Last time when I told some one I am a time traveler I ended up in a padded room for a week! Best to keep it to your self!

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If you’re a time traveler wouldn’t it be easy to get out of that padded room?

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@Darth_Algar I’ve been in the paddded room I was polite and got let out.

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No. You would have to add up the accumulated time that your body has been alive. Say for example, you live 27 years without time-travelling, then on your 27th birthday you go back in time for one year, and return to the day of your 27th birthday, you are now 28 not 27. It’s all about the amount of time your physical body has accumulated.

But then of course, if your age doesn’t match your birth date, people are going to think you can’t count. So perhaps it’s better to just lie, if your time-travelling is getting excessive.

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Also, to be blunt, if you’re going to claim that you’re such and such age because of whatever fantasy reason you might want to come up with a somewhat less outlandish figure than 51 “googleplexes” (which would make you many orders of magnitude older than the Universe itself).

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googleplex? is that like gorilla warfare?

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