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When you encounter emotional issues do you ask for help?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14963points) May 18th, 2014

When I was young I preferred to just keep my problems a secret from everyone and tried to solve them myself (though I usually failed). But now I feel some change in me: I actively ask for help when I feel like I need it. I often cling to the people I trust the most. I do that not only in real life, but here too.

How about you? Do you ask for help?

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No. I don’t ever have emotional issues. I’m too easy going. If I’m frustrated or stressed it doesn’t last long. I’ve learned how to think shit through and calm myself. I was never too big on talking about “feelings”.

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If it gets too out of control I will, but I prefer to keep that stuff to myself, if I can.

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I will confide in my friends and my significant other, but I will not “lean” on them and I won’t ask for help. From having been the person who was leaned upon – way too hard – I know that that can ruin a friendship. It can cause resentment, it’s unpleasant, and it just really isn’t fair.

It might sound needlessly cold but I go to the people who are paid to listen to me when I need help and I get counseling.

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Nope. I keep it all to myself. But if something happens on the spot and I’m with someone else, I’ve realized that I’ll start ranting about it with them afterwards.

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Rarely from earthly people, but I ask all of the time.

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When I get personaly attacked for my beliefs ( like time travel) I ask my mom for advice.

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@talljasperman Your mom in this timeline or one of your alternate mothers?

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When I m emotionally dissatisfied with myself or encounter an emotional outburst, I mostly just keep it all to myself and don’t share anything at all. I go into a quite zone where I m not willing to understand and see whatever that’s going on with me. I usually just stay in a box for days( I mean not really!). It’s like a shell that covers me and I feel safe there. And particularly don’t address things because I don’t feel like. And then finally after a few realisations I get back up, working fine.

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@Dan_Lyons The closest mom that I can ask.

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I keep it to myself. I’ve only had negative reactions when I try to share with friends and I’ve tried therapy several times but those have been negative too. I don’t really trust people in that sense.

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I tell my twin and thank God that I have her. Could not imagine finding a friend that I could trust as I trust her. I can tell her almost anything and get incredible feedback because she knows me so well. Her only drawback is loose lips when she drinks so I can’t tell her everything. For those super private things I must work out on my own.

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