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What's the font commonly used in old school advertisements?

Asked by toomuchcoffee911 (6928points) May 19th, 2014

I’m looking for the font used here.

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Looks like Times New Roman Bold to me.

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@janbb is probably right. If it’s not Times New Roman (bold, yes), it’s some very close relative.

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How about Modern No. 20? It looks all old and antique, too. Especially the numbers.

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It depends on what era you want it to look like it’s from.

The link you provided was like an 70’s or 80’s era. Did you want it to represent an earlier time? Victorian or early 1900’s?

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I love fonts. I’ve used a site to try and identify fonts. I tried it with yours and it gave me
Nimbus Roman No 9
– Nimbus Roman
– Times
– Brigade Light
– Brigade
– Thorndale
as possibles.

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