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When's the last time you visited the library?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) May 19th, 2014

To me, libraries are a thing of the past. I’m in a rural area and no longer have ready access to a public library. It’s probably been 20, 25 years since I’ve been in one – with the internet and accessibility of media, libraries just seem redundant.

And yet, I know they are still thriving institutions in the two towns I live near. Are you still a library user?

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Our library has a computer section (I mean they have four computers to use). So I stop in there sometimes to Fluther, and I still check out books there, as well as rent DVDs for a buck a week.

The libraries have got to stay competitive or they lose.

I also can read several different newspapers there. Current papers that is.

Oh yes, I was there just last week.

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My library is one block away, beside my rec center. I visit both several times a week.

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Last week. They had a book sale and I bought a bunch of books for a buck. Yup, I still like actual real life books.

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Day before yesterday, about 3pm. Returned 2 books, took out three more. I’m there every week-10 days. My local library is about 4 minutes away. (Five if I hit the traffic light on red.)

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5 days ago. If you have kids, a good library is a necessity.

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Rarely; since I started night shift, I’m generally asleep whenever they’re open :(

However, the King County library system is excellent about inter-library loans. Anything they don’t have, they can get from one of their other branches to your nearest library quite quickly, and at no charge.

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Tuesday May 14th 1998 11:26am, approx

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I live 3 buildings down from the library. I go there with my daughter so she can interact with other kids. They have groups and junk. She loves it.

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Don’t you have computer at home, @Dan_Lyons?

If my library was 1 block away, I might still visit, too, @GloPro. I do like the idea of newspapers for free.

I like real paper books, too, @Adirondackwannabe, but my Salvation Army store sells them every day for 50¢ hardback, 25¢ paperback. I also have great luck at finding DVDs at $1 and under.

What are you reading, @elbanditoroso? Once upona, I would take 3 books at a time: 1 fiction, 1 bio or autobio, and one religion.

My parents used to drop me off at the library for hours on end, @hominid. I suppose you feel bound to stay with them now?

Yes, I remember taking advantage of the book lending, @jerv. Now I just seem so awash in information.

Give or take 5 minutes, @ucme?

Good place to interact with other smart kids with good parents, @flip86! ;)

Good for you! @longgone. What did you do there?

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In a few hours, in fact, I’ll be going to NYPL’s Science, Industry and Business Library. I use the NYPL research library fairly often. It’s actually a peaceful place to read. Since I’m not affiliated with a school anymore, the public libraries also offer me my only affordable access to research databases.

I still check out books at local branches now and then too. I tend to hoard books, but nowadays I try to just borrow things I know I won’t look at again.

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Yes, I do have a computer at home @ibstubro But I don’t have air conditioning for hot days. And there are quite often babes at the library with whom I chat up. The movie rentals are but a buck a week. and i have always loved libraries ever since I was a young tyke. And I have the stupid card so I might as well use it.(I used to like to go to the library and look up porn to shock the nosy busy-bodies looking over my shoulder—until they blocked all the porn sites).

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@ibstubro: “My parents used to drop me off at the library for hours on end, @hominid. I suppose you feel bound to stay with them now?”

I’m specifically talking about the number of books we read per week. My daughter reads roughly 3–4 books per week. And I read to the boys every night, so we usually take out around 25 books per week. Without a decent library, we’d have to spend about $1200/mo on books.

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Last Thursday. Many of the materials that I use from the library are available online, but sometimes the book will be in the collection. I’d rather it took up space on a shelf than on my hard drive.

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@hominid On my list of pros/cons for having kids, visiting the library and watching them get excited about the power of picking their own books and reading to them at bedtime tops the PRO list. I miss taking my niece and nephew.

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At high school. Most of the time I just browsed around. Other students borrowed load of textbooks/reference books, but I just browsed around. I had complete trust in my tutors.

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– Lee Child’s Without Fail – escape novel, spies,intrigue

- autobiography of Alan Dershowitz. He’s a little self-congratulatory, but he’s an interesting guy.

- History of the Hebrew Language (I forgot the author – it’s in the other room)

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My answer may have came from the “Fiction” corner @ibstubro

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I think if I had a ‘grand’ library available, @bolwerk, I might use it more. Both my options are fairly claustrophobic.

No AC is criminal, @Dan_Lyons. I bought a suitcase full of DVDs for under $1 each this weekend.

That’s a damned impressive number of books, @hominid! Our tax money well spent.

I personally have a lot harder time concentrating on electronic media, then paper and ink, @dappled_leaves.

Maybe you could volunteer, @GloPro? Sounds like you would enjoy that.

Complete trust is not always a good thing, @Mimishu1995.

Very similar to my former reading list, @elbanditoroso.

As I guessed, @ucme.

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I go to school in an urban area so there are a couple libraries within a mile (including one on campus). Where I am now, I’d have to take a car and I have neither a car nor insurance to do so.

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Your powers of perception would put Hercules Poirot himself to shame @ibstubro

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@ibstubro I know. It’s just something I can’t seem to change. But at least my trust wasn’t misplaced at that time.

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Friday. I check in several times a week.I use the wonderful interlibrary loan system for books and DVDs. just picked up “Captain PHillips” and a new Harry Hole mystery by Norwegian writer Jo Nesbo. I see lots of my friends there also, an added bonus.

A 7 minute drive, unless I too hit the red light on the only stoplight in town. I have always considered my local library home away from home. Whenever I have moved, I unpacked the tea kettle and then got a library card.

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I believe the last time I was in a library was my sophomore year of college. So, that’s about 2012ish. That was only because I was forced to because of a project I had to do. The was where my group wanted to meet. I haven’t been to a library because I wanted to go in at least 6 years.

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Every day. i work in one :-P

I did borrow some DVDs and some French language course books a couple of months ago. I also use my staff login to look at electronic resources.

I last used the public library 2.5 years ago when we moved house – the internet didn’t work and I needed to fill out a form. I got a library card and I do use it to look at electronic resources as well.

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Not a reader, @livelaughlove21, or just use other resources?

Odd that you work in a library, but don’t consider yourself a user, @Stinley.

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I was just there 2 days ago. I listen to audio books on my long commute to/from work. Audio books are expensive, so I check all mine out from the library for free. Plus, I’m an avid reader and the library is still the cheapest source for obtaining my reading material. I keep an eye out for cheap reads on my kindle but not all books are available digitally. I love the old book smell and the peace and quiet of a library.

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@ibstubro I think I do consider myself a user, now that you’ve said that and I’ve thought about it. I hadn’t thought about being a user or not, nor did I mention it in my reply – am I missing something?

One of the things I am sure is that if I didn’t have access to the resources that I have used in my work library, I wouldn’t seek out another library to use them. I only use them because it’s convenient. I don’t go to the public library because it’s a 15 minute drive away and therefore not convenient. I am internet literate and can find most things fairly easily. I’d also look at buying a book as I like to have the book and not have to return it.

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Was always the “silence” thing that kept me away from libraries.
Felt like farting in a church, intimidating & uncomfortable.
People read at airports/train stations etc & don’t demand a quiet environment, elitist librarian bastards!

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@ucme They banned shushing in 2000. Didn’t you read about it in the papers?

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@ucme I love the quiet. What I find annoying is the children’s circle time. That should be held in a sound-proof room with a closed door. I don’t begrudge getting the children enthusiastic about books, but they can get quite loud. The library is one of the few places left where you should expect quiet.

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@Stinley Which is why I said “was”, goes back to when I was a kid, never liked libraries.
@Juels Yeah, unnatural environment for little kids to be in though, noisy little buggers

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@Juels – They just have the kids right there with the rest of the library? In the towns I have lived in (including current), the kids’ section is a separate floor – and even then, the noisy events are in a soundproof room. The rest of the library is silent. There really should be quiet in a library – except when a motorcycle drives by :)

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Hey, ya, @Juels! I wish I had a big, cavernous library available.

@Stinley, I took it that you worked in a public library, and “I last used the public library 2.5 years ago when we moved house.” Ass-u-me-tions?

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@hominid Our local library is one floor. The children’s area is open to the rest of the library. Not a wall or even a window to separate them. When I have time, I love to go to the library, pick out a book, and read quietly. Very relaxing. I made the mistake of going during a song and dance number once. Got my books and hurried out. I had more quiet at the local Starbucks.

@ibstubro I wouldn’t say it was big and cavernous, but the sound does travel. We’re fortunate to have a decent size library that is able to obtain (free of charge) items from other libraries in their system. Online, I can renew items or even place holds on items I want. Also, the library saves me a lot of storage space. I used to collect every book I read. I had books everywhere. Now, I either check them out of the library, read them on my kindle, or donate them when I’m done.

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@ibstubro I’m not much of a reader, no, but even if I were, I still wouldn’t go to the library. That’s what a Kindle is for.

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I mostly buy my books, on paper, @Juels, but I’ve given up on hoarding them too. Re-sale or donate. Most books I buy are read twice here, and I won’t pay more than $1 for hardback, unless it’s something I really want.

I find that I have a harder time devoting my attention to electronic media, @livelaughlove21. To each his/her own!

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I went to the library with my daughter about a year ago when she needed to print out some resumes. Otherwise, I haven’t gone in 20 years having a computer. I have ordered some real books on amazon a few times, but I do most of my reading/research online. Yep, libraries are becoming passe, no doubt.

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Probably 5 years. There was a time I could spend an entire day in a library, just “surfing.” Not any more though. :(

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Two weeks ago to pick up a book I requested online. The library is a ten minute walk away.

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I’m at the library right now. There’s one 3.2 miles away from my house. It’s a decent bike ride, and my son enjoys meeting kids there and playing on the computers, and checking out books and DVDs. I do a lot of historical research and am constantly checking out craft and cook books. There’s Lego club on the first Monday of the month, and many different events, presentations, and such like each month. Also, there are meeting rooms that are available for use to the public. This past Saturday my SCA Barony borrowed a large meeting room for our sewing bee. It was a lot of fun.

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Last Thursday
I had to return a Borges book and some Kurosawa films

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I went about 6 months ago to look up historical info about my town. The last time I checked out a book was sometime in the last year.

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@ibstubro I returned a couple of DVDs. I got those two weeks ago, as well as some books. The books weren’t due yet. When they are, I’ll browse around for more. I love libraries, I don’t go enough.

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Sad to say, I cannot even remember. It was probably with my mother over ten years ago.

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I go to my school’s library sometimes to study, especially lately as it’s finals week. I’ve pulled two all-nighters there within the past week; it can be a very helpful place to go sometimes!

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I have at least two audio books on CDs from the library in my bedroom at all times. I listen to novels on an old-fashioned Sony Walkman as a cure for insomnia. I get into bed, plug myself in, turn off the lights and listen to chapter whatever until I fall asleep. When I awaken, inevitably, at 3:00 AM, I get up to pee and repeat. It is the only way I have found to turn off the whirring of my brain. I get my almost endless supplies of AA batteries from the local CVS.

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Maybe a month ago on a field trip with my students. We’re going again on Friday.

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Maybe two years ago? I don’t visit a library after I graduated from university.

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Last summer, borrowed a DVD.

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