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Do you remember the dream you had when you just wake up?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) May 19th, 2014

Do you remember or forget the dreams?
And, How commonly do you dream? Like everyday or 2–3 times a week?
Does it depend on whether you are rested or fatigued ?

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I don’t know, i’ve forgotten see.

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I dream every night and when I nap. I usually remember them upon waking and often for days after that.

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Don’t remember my dreams so well after a good night’s sleep. Remember them better when sleep is disturbed or while dozing off at odd times.

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I might remember one in ten. I evidently dream a lot without knowing it.
(my usual fine language skills.)

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I tend to be able to recall my dreams for the most part and I dream everytime I lay my head down to rest

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I wake several times during the night often in the middle of a dream. I frequently remember them the next day.

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Want to remember your dreams?? Eat a dill pickle before you go to bed.

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Typically if I do, its only for a few seconds.

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I only remember a dream every week or so and usually they have faded from my mind by the end of the day but not always. I have had some memorable dreams.

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Sometimes I forget them and sometimes I remember. And I hate when I forget, because I have so insanely awesome dreams and then can’t remember them when I wake up! I think I’ll start writing the really cool ones down so I won’t forget anymore

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I remember my dreams straight after waking up most mornings but I have usually forgotten them within an hour or so.

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Usually I remember them. They are rarely happy.

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Usually I don’t remember them, but I still remember a dream I had about a month ago. In the dream, Clint Eastwood died.

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Experts say the average person has multiple dreams each night. But I’m lucky if I remember 3–4 per year. Either I don’t dream, or my dreams are completely wiped from my memory by the time I wake up.

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Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. I often do remember them though, or parts of them at least. They tend to be rather long and complicated.
For example, I had a dream once about the answer to the universe being contained in a cardboard box on the beach. It was guarded by people called Watchers who didn’t know what they were protecting and weren’t allowed to look. I had to join them to be able to access the box.

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A person can have anywhere from 3–5 dreams in one night. Most people only remember one dream or may not remember any. In order for you to dream, your brain has to enter REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

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