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How many cucumbers can be eaten safely in a day during summers?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) May 19th, 2014

And what about drinking water along with cucumbers? Is it true that consuming water, yogurt or milk along with cucumber causes skin diseases? I don’t believe so. Yeah, there can be digestive problems, but I am unsure of skin conditions.
Has anyone suffered from anything due to this?

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Some people get gas from cucumbers but that’s the worst I know of.

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I don’t think it’s possible to overdose on Cucumbers. They are about 80% water, with a few trace minerals and a bit of fiber. I eat lots of cucumbers and have never had an issue.
Your information seems like an old wives tail. I have never heard of anything like that, ever.

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“Tale, not Tail, haha

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@Coloma Hey, I like a good piece of tail.

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I have heard it a couple of times, Coloma.
I have also heard that milk and fish if consumed together causes white-patch skin diseases.
Haven’t ya heard of it?

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@Khajuria9 No, never. Unless one has food allergies I don’t see the connection between fish and milk combining. Strange.

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Fish and milk are scientifically proven to be fine together. The reasons for not pairing them are religious in nature. Jewish and Hindu, specifically.

Harmful effects of excessive cucumber consumption
Huh. Who knew. I’d burn out first, though.

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My wife probably eats 3–4 large (organic) cucumbers every day. No ill effects.

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