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What's your favorite cereal(s)?

Asked by tinyfaery (42543points) July 4th, 2008

I love cereal. My absolute favorite of all time is Lucky Charms. But some of my others are Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Krispies, Frankenberries, and Apple Jacks. What do you like now? What did you like when you were a kid?

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cheerios, rice crispies. I’m not big on the sweet sugary stuff.

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cocoa pebbles

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Nutri Grain.

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Special K

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Bran Flakes

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Kellogg’s Fruit Harvest Cereal, Strawberry Blueberry. Great cereal, lots of fruit, doesn’t get soggy. Everyone who tries it, loves it, so its not unusual to find empty shelves at the market. Hot tip: buy from via their Subscribe and Save Program, here , get it delivered to your door at regular intervals at a great price and free shipping. Try it and I guarantee you’ll be thanking me or my name isn’t wtf!.

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Cocoa Puffs, Captain Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Frosted Flakes, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Apple Jacks. That’s pretty much all I will eat.

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Golden Crisp with sliced Bananas Mmmmmm or what @WTF said. They really REALLY are great!

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does anyone remember cocoa frosted flakes ? YUM

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Peanut butter Cap’n Crunch and Crunch Berries

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Life cereal.

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Life, and when I’m in a REALLY sugary mood, Honeycomb, Golden Grahams, and Cap’n Crunch.

And Oatmeal.

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I think I may have been a grazing animal in a former life. My true addiction is shredded wheat.

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Rice Crispies or those new Frosted Flakes Gold.

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I usually eat instant oatmeal, but I’m a sucker for Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch.

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let’s see…. My number one is cinnamon toast crunch, then cocoa pebbles, cocoa puffs, Oreo cereal, and the reeses cereal…. Yum. I believe I’ll go have a bowl… :P

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I used to love Quisp and Quake. Anybody remember them? I think now I have to go with Cap’n Crunch for the sugary cereals and good old fashioned Shredded Wheat and Grape Nuts for the non-sugary ones.

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Rasin Bran!

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You mean Raisin Bran?

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It’s really getting fucking annoying with you constantly correcting spelling. Nobody is perfect, including you. I spelled a word wrong but the meaning still got through. Thebes no reason to try and point it out.

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Holy Geez! ^^^

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Cocoa Puffs are awesome. Booberry, Yummy Mummy, and Frankenberry are pretty sweet too.

@eambos i completely agree. btw you spelled theres wrong ;)

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Stupid auto correct!! I’d be better off without it.

I feel great after getting that off my chest.

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You mean there’s?

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@ beast I dont even think im so much bothered by the fact that you’re correcting what is said (though it is fucking annoying) its the way that you say it. You say it in such a derogatory way like we’re retarded or something.

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Especially since your other username was kicked off. Correct, jstringham?

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grape nuts, anyone?

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I’ll take my Raisin Bran, thank you very much.

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You mean Raisin Brain?
Just joking’

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My all time favorite is Lucky Charms (though I eat this now, maybe once a year for a special treat). I really like Kashi’s Cocoa Beach or any of their granola’s.

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vanilla almond high fiber cereal from trader joes

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Quakers Instant Oatmeal, flavor – Strawberries N Cream. It’s addictive.

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before: berry berry kix, ccokie crisp, cracklin’ oat bran
now: trader joe’s raisin bran, cinnamon life, quaker oat squares

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foot loops with mt. dew…. mmm sugary goodness

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@eener I like lemonade on my Rice Krispies.

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Cinnamon Life, Froot Loops, and Rice Crispies.

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…something about foot loops is a little scary in a canniblistic way. (backs away slowly)

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I can’t ever find it in stores and its kind of a weird cereal, but I LOVE Cracklin’ Oat Bran. Mmmm.
Eambos, I agree with you too, glad you got that off your chest!

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Fruity Pebbles! Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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Ok, so it’s like 12am right now and I’m going to get myself a bowl of cereal because this thread has given me cravings :P

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@eener weiner is that really good? Because like i love both of the separately but the combination just sounds wrong.

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@AstroChuck I remember Quisp and Quake! I liked those too. Weren’t one of them shaped like little flying saucers?

I like all kinds of cereal. The list goes on and on and changes with my mood, so I can’t pick just one. What’s the one that looks like mini chocolate chip cookies? I like it because it stays crunchy for a long time. I don’t like sogy cereals.

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@scamp. They’re cookie crisps!A little too sugary for me.

Frosted Flakes Gold stay crispy for a long time too.

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Oh yeah! Thanks. Typo correction for my post above.. I meant to say soggy, not sogy..duh!

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@Scamp that would be Quisp thats shaped like the saucers. Quisp was before my time, but i get the pleasure of eating it because my dad orders it online since he grew up on it and loves it. Awesome cereal.

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yeah umm.. I meant froot loops, not foot loops

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Or did you mean Fruit loops? No, I guess not. I just googled them and saw they are spelled Froot I learn something new everday here!! ha ha!!

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Total! soggy goodness, and vitamins!

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@uberbatman That’s the one! I remeber that little space guy!

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When it is cold outside, l love the “Old fashion Quaker Oats Oatmeal” with butter, brown sugar and golden raisin, mmmmm mmmmm good!

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lucky charms

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Kashi Go Lean, Grape Nuts, Captn Crunch

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Here are 54 more answers Why is this an interesting question?

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@gailcalled: wah? (Infinite loop of doom!)

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@gailcalled—it’s because we want to recognize our own tastes in others, or feel superior, or because we want new suggestions

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Cheerios, Golden Grahams, Kashi Good Friends. I loved Cap’n Crunch as a kid but don’t really like it now. Oh, and the Cheerios are best coated in melted butter. :)

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soggy frosted flakes with added sugar.

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They still sell Quisp at Giant grocery stores in PA.

I want to know If you know King Vitamin. THAT was my all time favorite cereal. Plus, King Vitamin was mad creepy. It was just some old guy in a king’s costume. So good.

My other faves are Fruity Pebbles and Peanut Butter Capt. Crunch.

My favorite healthy cereals are Grape Nuts (hot) and Cracklin Oat Bran. Yum!

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Kix is a favorite, but my all time fav. is Count Choclua(sp?)

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@Galicia, cracklin’ oat bran is the best cereal in the world.

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There is nothing, but nothing, as good as rolled oats, cooked in milk and eaten with sapodilla – raisins when sapodilla is not in season.

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omg i can’t believe no one has said GOLDEN GRAHMS yet!! yum!

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