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Why do superheroes have such lame names and unimaginative names?

Asked by ragingloli (48538points) May 19th, 2014

Things like ‘superman’, ‘batman’, ‘spiderman’, ‘ironman’, ‘antman’, ‘captain ‘america’’, ‘arrowman’
how little creativity did their inventors have?

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So much super in the hero that a fancy name would have been redundant.

Zatanna, Damian Wayne, Kilowog, Mon-El, are those ALL lame names?

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Would you prefer something like Captain Orgasmo?

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Most of these characters were created many decades ago, long before TV and before the Internet. It’s a much different world in which CGI rules and “super” doesn’t mean what it did way back then. Read one of the books on the creation of Superman and you’ll understand why he was such a big deal back in the 30s.

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lol, your question is interesting and I like your thought. Agree.

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Well, for the most part these comic book heroes were created for children.

How about Styroporman. He has a pretty cool name.

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So can I ask you a question before answering yours? Why do superheroes stories always follow the same boring pattern (the villains want to do bad things, the superheroes come and defeat them, and the world cheer as they going)?

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That’s the definition of a superhero; a benevolent fictional hero with superhuman power.

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Pachy beat me to it. That and it has now become tradition, even with the newer superheroes. It’s become a characteristic of the genre. And former teenager Stan Lee just can’t help himself. Rewarded behaviour.

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Notwithstanding the “boring” names of its characters, bet the upcoming movie
Batman v Superman-Dawn of Justice will be a blockbuster. ;-)

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More like the greatest abomination under the sun since Man of Steel.

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Agreed, @ragingloli, but we aging comic book lovers can hope.

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