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Where can I get reviews on gadgets?

Asked by LesFex (9points) July 4th, 2008
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If you’re looking for a particular review, it’s best to use google. is good if you’re just wanting to follow gadgets in general.

seVen's avatar has also video reviews of tech stuff

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I was going to say, but @seVen beat me to it. So, here are a couple other sites., or

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Better yet, try this site…. Good luck!

joeysefika's avatar lots of good stuff, not just Gadgets

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Joeysefika stole my answer, I too use thecoolhunter.

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helps to get the right address,

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Engadget is my primary source for gadget related info. There’s also a site called The Bored IT that has good reviews every once in a while.

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