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Does anyone else hate their boss?

Asked by chelle21689 (7907points) May 20th, 2014 from iPhone

Okay, maybe I don’t hate him but he wasn’t as nice and innocent as I thought. Sorry, I’m just venting about another one of my days at work. He constantly makes me feel like I am stupid, not doing anything right, and says things kind of demeaning but in a nice way with a smile as if that’s supposed to make it a bit better.m

I can’t stand it, I hate the way I am treated at work by like 3 out of the 10 people I work with. My boss (let’s not get him confused with my supervisor who I’m ok with) is not clear with direction at all. It’s always gray and he gets mad at me. I’ll give some examples.

I hired on 10 applicants. He pulled me aside wanting to know the status on each candidate. I told him I would have to grab my notes so I can update him because it’s easier for me to recall. There’s a crap load of details on the status of each new hire and he expects me to pull it out my butt as if I know from the top of my head.
He was getting angry and didn’t understand me at all.

I don’t know why but he made it difficult on me saying “I’m not asking you to memorize, I NEED to know the status on each new hire.” I repeated myself I would gladly give him the info if he would just let me grab my paper. He just didn’t understand and was like “Why can’t you just tell me? It’s not hard.” After repeating myself three times I grab it and go over it with him….gave him his freaking answers. Ugh!

One assignment he have me he told me he would like for me to work on to present next Wednesday. He told me yesterday and I planned to have it done tomorrow. He was upset he didn’t have it today even though he said it was due next week.

Another incident. Our meeting, there was a new position open. I asked if a job was posted and he said “No, you should ask Jane Doe if she might be.” I ASK HER and she said “I haven’t worked on it” I then worked on a posting and showed him and he asked “I thought we had one already last week?” And “where else is this posted?”

What the heck? He just told me that there was no posting created so now there is one floating around and posted somewhere? I’m confused. I asked my coworker if she worked on it and she said NO, but when he asked for it she have him the previous posting.

Oh, and if I ask a question that I may have asked before he gets smart with me with a smile to make it nicer. But he’ll ask me the same damn questions all the time and I have to be nice.

I don’t understand his place at all!! In also scared to go to him for questions…

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Nope, I’m good friends with mine ( I also know where all the bodies are buried).

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I would not work for him/her if I hate was involved.

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Yes, I hate my boss. Hey, wait a minute, I am the boss…Oh damn…

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Nope, I have only met my Boss twice and talked a few times on the phone with him, and only talk to the dispatcher once a work day and want to keep it that way.

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Is there something wrong with me or my workplace???

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In reading your details, I noticed you have a few misspellings and errors which isn’t like your usual posts so it tells me you are very angry right now.
If I remember correctly, you are young and haven’t really established yourself in the workforce yet. If you hate your boss this bad, and it seems like you do, I would look for another position while still working at this job.

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Yeah my iphone corrected me lol. It won’t let me go in and edit. Oh and being angry probably had something to do with it because I didn’t proofread.

I’m just upset because it makes me feel like I’m the issue and something is wrong with me. Maybe there is something wrong with me…

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Not hate, no. I don’t think she’s a good fit for the firm and her incompetence shows quite often, but I don’t hate her.

Luckily the attorney I work for directly and I get along swimmingly.

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Not my current boss, no. He’s a nice guy.

In the past however, I’ve had a few doozies. Woo baby

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Currently, I am the boss. I think the boss is great!

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I absolutely hate working with my boss, she doesn’t have the mindset to handle the stress of a kitchen so it makes things extra rough for everyone involved. Outside of that though, I really like my boss and think she’s a good person.

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“My boss is not clear with direction at all. It’s always gray and he gets mad at me.”
Both of the bosses I’ve had were of foreign descent and could not express their thoughts coherently in English (and I wouldn’t put it past them to be incapable of relaying things in their mother tongue as well). Then they’d get mad at me for asking for clarification and making them repeat themselves.
This last boss I had in Tampa was also painfully passive-aggressive. When I stopped working there, he didn’t even fire me or anything. He just never scheduled me back in and when I asked another lady when my next shift was, she said she’d e-mail me if they need any help.

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My boss right now is great and we get along well. He is not perfect and I am not perfect. He has faults, and so do I.

I have had bosses that I hated. I have had bosses that were mentally ill (in government, that is not uncommon). Sometimes, with bosses and their employees, it’s a matter of it not being a good fit. There are bosses that I have hated but other employees liked and vice versa.

My suggestion for you is to put things in email form, so there is no misunderstanding. “As per your instructions, I’ll give you the list by Wednesday.” “Here’s the list of current applicants and their status.” “Just to confirm, I am leaving early Friday to go to the doctor.”

I tell people there is no perfect boss, there is no perfect employee and there is no perfect job.

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Thanks guys. I just can’t shake the feeling maybe in the issue? My supervisor I report to and we are okay. The big boss is out boss but since she’s on vacation I work with him and boy it’s stressful working with him

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Sometimes personalities clash in that they do not understand each other. Perhaps he has a way of working that you do differently. It might not necessarily means you are ‘wrong’ or he is wrong.

Set up a meeting with him clarifying his expectations. Make it friendly buy some biscuits. It will clear the air and also make working with him easier. Plus, once he has told you his expectations in general he can’t recourse on them next time.

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I had a boss who was a bit of a crazymaker and who often created chaos, because (I’m assuming) as an adult child of an alcoholic that was her comfort zone. She’d give a lot of contradictory or useless instruction. (Once, I spent an entire eight-hour day combing an absent coworker’s desk for a version of a project plan that she swore existed. It didn’t.)

I didn’t know or understand her brand of abusive/crazymaking behavior until I worked for her, and because it was so insidious (and I naïve), it was a lot of suffering before I came to understand her brand of crazy.

At some point, though, I learned a trick. I just assumed going forward that she was a nutcase. And it worked! I was never surprised or upset by her behavior again, because “of course she would do that—she’s nuts!”

That might be a good starting point, and it might take some of the sting out of your situation.

I just got hired for a new job. My new boss is a doll inside and out and runs a totally sane outfit. I’m super excited.

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Too many to count!!!

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My boss is very nice and he always helps me in job because Im a new member. He’s also my uncle^^

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I despise my last boss. She kept telling me to do things a certain way, then would forget she had TOLD me to do it that way and I’d get written up.

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@Dutchess_III I had a boss like that I started taking notes as soon as he told me to do anything,shoved them back in his face he did get a bit better after that but not much.

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I’m not good at standing up to authority.

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Oh when authority are asses I have no problem.

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