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What are your thoughts about assisted suicide for the mentally ill?

Asked by Paradox25 (10174points) May 20th, 2014

Assisted suicide is an issue that is discussed a great deal. When we think of assisted suicide many of us tend to think of those who are terminally ill. There are also people who are not terminally ill, but suffer from debilitating conditions who decide to end their lives via assisted suicide too. Assisted suicide is just that, and the person or doctor assisting the subject does not actually physically take part in the process, but just provides the necessary tools and advice.

The types of people mentioned above would be considered to have a reasonably sound mind though. However, assisted suicide is also allowed in several different countries for the mentally ill as well. Proponents of this legislation state that some people are so ill that they’ll never be a productive member of society, have any meaningful relationships with others, suffer greatly, and will be ridiculed by society in general, so it may be more ethical to allow the patient to humanely end their own lives.

I would have to ask whether you think it’s ethical or not for professionals to assist the mentally ill end their own lives instead of utilizing other options?

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