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Would you walk around carrying your own pee bag?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) May 20th, 2014

I met two people in my hallway today, the guy had a tube running out his fly into a bag he was carrying. I smiled at them and he gave me a tired looking smile back. What could you handle? I’m not sure I want to be that tough. You?

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My mom had a urostomy 25 years ago due to losing her bladder to bladder cancer. So she had to carry around a pee bag taped to her stomach for all those years. You do what you have to do.

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Thank you for your question’s clarification.

Without it I might have thought it was about employed drug users or parolees.

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Isn’t there a hidden one that is taped to your ankles and is covered by your pants?
Someone linked this article a while back. His wasn’t as conspicuous.

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I mean, I would if I had to.

I did the poop equivalent of that for seven months. It wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t something I was going to shoot myself over either.

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@Mariah Oh god, I apologize to you. I know what you have been through and I ask that. I can be an ass sometimes

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Dude you don’t have to censor yourself online just ‘cuz I’m here and I’ve done it. It’s no biggie.

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Yes but I should be more sensitive. I’m sorry.

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Seriously, no worries.

As for not wanting to be that tough, I understand that feeling for sure. I feel that way about a lot of things I haven’t had to experience. But, interestingly enough, you find when you get thrust into a situation that you rise to the challenge more readily than you’d expect.

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Before he died, my grandpa was struck by prostage cancer. Somehow the tumor developed and it affected his bladder. He had to carry a pee bag with him everywhere. And to me the sign of the pee bag alone was disturbing.

I can’t imagine myself carrying it too. Somehow that pee bag was associated with death in my mind…

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I know, I can pull stuff out all the time when the stakes are down. We’re still buds?

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@Adirondackwannabe Of course. I was merely expressing my feeling :p And you get to know me better too: you know another of my fear.

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@Mimishu1995 Hey lady, we are okay too.

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Yeah, I mean, technically I have. I think most of us have at some point if we’ve ever had a catheter. But outside of a hospital, like wearing it around, of course. You do what you have to do. Worst case scenario with my recent surgery would have left me wearing a temporary colostomy bag, so this is already something I’ve thought about on a very personal level. You do what you’ve gotta do when it comes down to it. I’m sure there are worse things, but we live in a relatively sterile society, and we don’t often have to deal with a lot of bodily functions in a way that isn’t flushed or sanitized away into oblivion where we can pretend they don’t happen.

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You gotta do what you gotta do.

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Been there. Done that. But thankfully for only for a couple of weeks.

Being the engineer I made some improvements to the standard system.

I put the pee bag in a 5 gallon bucket and set the bucket on the floor near me when I wanted to use the computer. I connected 2 camera straps lengthwise, put them over my shoulder and attached the other end to the bucket so it would always go with me when I stood up and walked. I could be hands free!
Finally, I got a pair of cargo pants at GoodWill for $1 and cut a hole in the thigh pocket so I could run the tubing down inside the leg and out into the bucket.

It worked great. They do have leg bags but I was not comfortable with it flopping around my calf.

What I really wanted to do was connect my pee tube to a 75 ft length of Tygon tubing that drained into my sump pump but other members of the family thought that was disgusting and threatened to “accidentally” trip over it . Sheesh!

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Two days after the surgery I was stumbling around the house, wearing only a pair of pee pad stuffed underwear bottoms and a socks, my chest and abdomen shaved in a ridiculous pattern to accommodate the 5 incisions and EKG contact, unshaven, unshowered, a catheter coming out of the leg hole going down into the pee bag contained in the 5 gallon bucket attached to a camera strap slung over my shoulder and another belt wrapped around my waist to keep it all close to my body so it did not get caught on anything. Got the image? Read it again.
In that state I happened to walk by the bathroom and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I got a flash of the Bible quote G 1:27 “So God created man in his own image” and I had to laugh out loud. The poor guy!

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That’s a pretty vivid image, haha.

I had a fluid drainage bag in my leg for two days after a surgery. I was pretty out of it, but it was kind of complex. It wasn’t just a shunt tube draining into a bag. It’s not like I was going anywhere, so it stayed in a canvas bag next to my leg so I didn’t have to look at it. It was blood and plasma and lymphocytes and who knows what else draining from my surgery site. I’m glad I was out of it. I remember my mom removing it after two days and me being glad to be rid of it. It made me feel tied down and constricted. I felt like if I didn’t keep perfectly still it would rip out, which would hurt, and then that nasty fluid would go everywhere.

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Why would I walk around carrying my own pee bag?

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@DipanshiK Ah, young Grasshopper… When you get older and have prostate surgery you will see…. you will see… ;-)

Maybe by the time you need it medical science will find another way.

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I have a neurogenic (paralysed) bladder and I have to use catheters to pee, but I use the intermittent sort that you just stick in to do the deed then take it out and throw it away. I do that four or five times a day. If ever I was so ill or incapacitated in some way that I was no longer able to do that, I’d have no choice but to have the indwelling sort, with a pee bag strapped to my leg. But they’re nasty for long-term use; very high risk for infection.

I don’t understand why that guy you saw was carrying the bag openly. Usually they’re hidden inside your pants strapped to your leg. No-one can see them.

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A strange question, but if I had to wear one I would but I would do it as discreetly as possible.

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